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Find a housekeeper nanny job near you in Waterford, CT

How often do you want to work?

Find a housekeeper nanny job near you in Waterford, CT

Image of a nanny with a baby on her neck

How often do you want to work?

Find a housekeeper nanny job in Waterford, CT

The Lowe Family - Hiring in Waterford

The Lowe Family

Waterford, CT
3 kids

A little bit about us…

I'm a managing Director at a large pharma Co. and Professor of natural Sciences. My wife is a nurse. We have 3 boys; 2 are 13+ and 1 infant. We are looking for weekday, daytime assistance (between the hours of 8am to 3pm) to feed, change diapers, light cleaning in kitchen with our newborn.
The Lathrop Family - Hiring in Waterford

The Lathrop Family

Waterford, CT
4 kids

A little bit about us…

In search of a new nanny. Our current nanny is moving and will be sorely missed, but now we have an opportunity to welcome you into our lives.

The three bright girls range from age 5 to 7 years old, and the curious little boy is 2. The 7-year-old is pretty autonomous and helps when asked. The 5- and 6-year-olds are still working on bed-wetting overnight but just need reminders to go on their own during the day. Getting the evening routine done early and engaging the kids in conversation is the best way to keep a calm house in the evenings.

Schedule will be every afternoon from 3:30pm to 8:30pm. Duties include:
-a quick pickup of anything out of place (3:30pm)
-prepping an afternoon snack (3:30pm)
-taking kids to after school activities (normally 5pm-6pm)
-dinner (cycle children into baths: 6:30-7pm)
-helping with brushing teeth after dinner
-reading a bedtime story to each child (7pm)
-giving the children a cup of milk at bedtime (7:30pm)
-quick kitchen clean up from the evening (8:00-8:30pm)

Depending on mom’s work schedule, pick up or drop off to daycare may be required.

Must have a valid driver’s license and clean driving record. Please be comfortable driving a minivan or have a vehicle that can accommodate four car seats.

Must be organized and patient (only use positive discipline). Your demeanor is easily picked up by the children and will amplify any negative behaviors rather than calm the situation. Please be comfortable with nanny cam and must be able to contact via cell at all times.

Picture and text updates will help build trust, but honesty will be a key factor in building our relationship.

Looking for a long-term nanny. Salary offer is firm:
7 days per week: $550/week
Mon-Sat only: $450/week
M-F only: $350/week
The Crotty Family - Hiring in Waterford

The Crotty Family

Waterford, CT
1 kid

A little bit about us…

Hi, I’m looking for part time help with my 2 week old son Liam as my husband is back to work. To start, a few hours 2-3 X a week so this is a very part time position. I am a first time mom and trying to adjust to newborn life. I am recovering from a c-section so light housekeeping is required such as laundry, dishes, etc. Other Responsibilities include: helping with feeding/diapers, walks in stroller, and occasional errand runs. Must be comfortable with my 70 lb. friendly dog. Must be patient and flexible. Non smoker please. Experience with newborns required. Thanks!

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The Kirdzik Family - Hiring in Waterford

The Kirdzik Family

Waterford, CT
2 kids

A little bit about us…

Looking for someone to meet my kids at the bus stop at 3:40 and stay until about 6:00. Ideally 1-2 days per week, would be also bringing them to jujitsu about 3 miles down the road one of the days.
The VanOverloop Family - Hiring in Waterford

The VanOverloop Family

Waterford, CT
2 kids

A little bit about us…

Hi, we are looking primarily for help Monday through Wednesday afternoon's, but if available some of those days could be full days as well.

We have a 3 yo girl who is in pre-k, and a 1 yo boy who stays at home.

Looking for help with basic child care, and meal prep for the kids.

Please feel free to reach out and we can talk further.
The Cheng Family - Hiring in Waterford

The Cheng Family

Waterford, CT
4 kids

A little bit about us…

I work in a field that has an inconsistent schedule. I will need a nanny during the workday that can start as early as 5 am and sometimes end as late as midnight. The longest possible work day is 12 hours for me.

When watching the kids, responsibilities include feeding the kids, making sure they are getting along, transporting them to their activities, and having fun. I prefer to keep the exposure to electronics to a minimum so fun activities and playing outside are what I encourage.

While watching the kids. I hope the nanny is able to help around the house such as pick up around the house, cleaning dishes, and washing/folding laundry.

Phoenix is 2 years old and is currently learning how to talk and listen. He loves cars and watching Paw Patrol.

Eleanor is 4 years old and a sweetheart. She takes things to heart and always loves to do crafts.

Aeris is 6 years old. She loves making pretty things and likes to play around.

Phoebe is 7 years old. She loves games and winning. She is always willing to help.

How to become a nanny on Nanny Lane

Finding a nanny job

Finding a nanny job

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Starting your nanny job

Starting your nanny job

Discuss and finalize the details of your nanny job with the family.
Getting paid on time

Getting paid on time

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How to Find a Housekeeper Nanny Job in Waterford, CT

To start your search, you’ll create a profile to show off what makes you unique to families. From there, you connect with families about their needs and what you’re looking for. When you think you’ve found the right match, you can turn the discussion towards compensation and responsibilities.

What is a Housekeeper Nanny in Waterford, CT

A housekeeping nanny job can be a full-time, part-time, live-in or live-out position. A housekeeping nanny is defined by the responsibilities of caring for the home and belongings beyond the children. This can include family laundry, cleaning washrooms, preparing meals, organizing closets and rooms, and vacuuming.

Interviewing for a Housekeeper Nanny Position in Waterford, CT

After talking to a few employers, you’ll be invited for a housekeeping nanny job interview. Here are a few housekeeping nanny interview questions to prepare for:

  • What qualities do you have that make you a good housekeeping nanny?
  • What do you enjoy about looking after a home?
  • How many years of experience do you have with house cleaning?

In a housekeeping nanny job interview, you’ll have the opportunity to provide your nanny references and ask any questions that you would like to know about them. If you decide after this interview that you would like to continue, we recommend asking for a job offer or a nanny contract. By doing this, you can ensure that you’re getting off on the right foot with your future employer.

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