The Flexibility of Nanny Care

A woman and child playing in bed

Life with a nanny is very different from the routine of daycare. A nanny can come earlier when you have that early morning meeting or can stay late for those days your shift changes. A nanny is more than a caregiver- "they are a new family member" says a Nanny Lane parent.

"We just trusted her so much and had continuous communication with her about our son throughout the day." Joelle's nanny would send pictures every day and kept a log of all of his eating, diaper changes, naps, etc to keep the parents updated on their growing boys every move.

"Knowing she genuinely cared for him, allowed us to be more present at work."

A statement like that is huge for new parents. As with any big life event, adding a new addition to your family can shift your focus away from other things, and as big as the event of returning to work after this event can make it really hard to shift back focus to work.

"We think so much about how we can be amazing parents, but then need to focus on being an amazing employee - it can be a lot".

Having a nanny gave Joelle and her partner, the gift of not having to choose. They were able to be great parents, feel safe and secure with the care their little boy was getting, but also were able to come back to work confident and focused.

So many times mothers already feel the pressure when they step away from mat leave. The internal worry of whether you'll miss a promotion, or be seen as a 'slacker' is still too real for women around the world. What's the solution? Women seem to still be fighting a battle for how to be successful when they leave work, but returning to work can be just as hard - especially when your mind is still at home.

Having a nanny take care of your little one will give you that added peace when you finally return back to work. Nanny shares are the affordable way to getting women back into the workforce where they currently make up less than 40% of the US workforce.

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