Nanny Share Rules to Keep Both Families Informed

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How to keep two families on the same page when managing one nanny

The key to a successful nanny share is to make sure you’re on the same page -- about everything from payment to group texts to social media.

Here are some categories you’ll want to go over, and consider including in your nanny share contract.

Job Description

  • What are your expectations of the nanny?
  • What type of house work will you want the nanny to do (tidying, laundry, etc.)?

Payment and Extras

  • What is the hourly rate?
  • How much should the nanny expect to take home weekly (even if one of you doesn’t need them for a day)?
  • Will you be paying through a nanny tax service?
  • How will you be covering overtime?
  • How will you be determining the holiday bonus?
  • Does the nanny get a weekly spending allowance for snacks and activities?


  • What is the overall schedule?
  • How do you want to handle one family needing to work late/go in early?
  • How do you want to organize and keep track of the nanny’s schedule?
  • How many paid vacation days and sick days will you be providing?
  • Can you work together to plan the same weeks off?
  • Are both families comfortable paying the nanny wages while they’re on vacation?
  • What holidays do you need coverage for vs. what you both have off?

Sick Policy

  • Do you want to use daycare rules in which a sick child should not be dropped off?
  • Or, are you comfortable living under the assumption that both children have been exposed to the same virus?
  • Is your nanny comfortable taking care of sick kids?
  • How sick is too sick for your nanny to work?
  • If your nanny takes a sick day, how will both families cover it?


  • How do you want to check in with each other?
  • How often?
  • How would you like to manage difficult situations, whether it’s frustrations with each other or the nanny?
  • When communicating with the nanny will there be one point person?
  • Weekly/bi-weekly meetings?
  • Group text?

Food and Supplies

  • How will you break up the cost of food, gear to make the nanny’s life easier, and supplies like diapers?

Extra-Curricular Activities and Memberships

  • How will you share the cost of activities such as museum memberships?
  • What will you do if one family wants to pay for the nanny and child to take a class, but the other doesn’t?

Educational Resources

  • How would you like your nanny to be teaching the children?
  • In what way, and how many hours a day?

Off-limit Places

  • Are there any places you don’t want her to go?
  • Can she drive distances?


  • How would you like the nanny to discipline bad behavior?
  • What type of behavior deserves a timeout?


  • What are your rules for the children watching TV?
  • What are the rules for your nanny watching TV or texting?
  • Can she post anything about your children on social media?


  • Can your nanny host other nannies and families over at your house?

Pet Peeves

  • Do you have any nanny pet peeves you want her to avoid (i.e. going to the mall, talking on the phone while pushing the stroller)?

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