What is a Nanny Hourly Rate Near Me?

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The INA (International Nanny Association) 2014 Salary and Benefits Survey reports that a nanny’s average hourly rate is $18.66, but this doesn’t mean you’re paying nearly $19/hour in every town.

In fact, we typically hear families say they pay between $15 and $25/hour. Find the exact average hourly rate in your city and the factors that can change it by going here.

Factors for determining rate

To determine your nanny’s pre-tax hourly rate, it’s important to consider a number of factors, including:

  • Years of full-time nanny experience
  • Number of kids
  • Their past hourly rate
  • Responsibilities you’re asking of them
  • Other benefits including paid cell phone, health insurance, weeks of paid time off

Getting local advice on the cost of a nanny

Asking your neighbors what they pay their nanny can seem like an incredibly personal question, but for many parents, this comes across as helpful research rather than intrusiveness. It’s parents helping parents, and if done respectfully, you’ll gain practical insight.

There are also a number of ways you can gather information if you don’t know any families with nannies, such as:

  • Posting on your neighborhood Nextdoor feed
  • Joining and posting on a local Facebook parents group
  • Emailing or texting families you know in similar towns/cities
  • Casually approaching parents with children in a coffee shop or lunch spot and asking if they know a typical hourly rate in the neighborhood. A helpful parent will tell you everything they know!

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