What Are the Nanny Fees I Should Expect to Pay for a Nanny Share?

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Nanny fees refer to a wide range of expenses that are related to paying your nanny, but the most common one is your nanny’s hourly rate.

This amount is determined by you, your share-family, and your nanny. However, because you are part of a nanny share, you won’t be responsible for the full nanny fee.

Instead, you will pay about two-thirds, and the other family will pay two-thirds, which results in a financial boost for your nanny for taking a nanny share job.

This increase generally accounts for the extra children they need to care for, as well as the complications that come with having two employers.

You can learn how to figure out a nanny’s hourly rate or find the average hourly rate in your city here.

Other Nanny Fees

There are other expenses that can be part of the nanny fees, but they’re up to you to include.

You can pay for their health insurance, commuter pass, mobile phone, gym membership, among many others. A lot of families include great incentives to help ensure they get the nanny of their dreams.

Additionally, there is an annual bonus you may decide to give during the holidays. This is typically 1-2 weeks of their usual paycheck. You can learn more about tipping your nanny and holiday bonuses.

When using a nanny payroll service, there are usually additional fees. Some payroll services charge upwards of a few thousand dollars a year. Our payroll service specializes in nanny shares offers the luxury of full-service nanny payroll, without the cost.

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