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What is a Summer Nanny?

A summer nanny is a person who is hired to nanny for a family for just the summer months. A summer nanny can be a full-time nanny, a part-time nanny, a live-in nanny or a live-out nanny, depending on the needs of the family. If you accept a position as a part-time summer nanny with a family you can expect to work two to three days per week or a few hours each day with the family. If you accept a full-time position as a summer nanny you can expect to work from 40 to 50 hours per week. As with most nanny positions you should go over any nanny contract that is presented to you before signing it. Summer nanny positions can be quite lucrative and rewarding for those looking to keep busy with children during the summer.

What a Summer Nanny Does

A summer nanny does most of the things that a nanny who is employed year-round does. A summer nanny will be responsible for the children in her care and the bulk of her summer nanny responsibilities will revolve around making the summer fun and safe for these children.

As a summer nanny, you will be keeping the children busy by taking them to various activities such as sports lessons or games, music lessons, arts and crafts classes or any other extra-curricular activity the child may be participating in. A summer nanny will most likely be doing summer academic work with the children in her care. This helps keep the child current on anything learned throughout the past school year and will help keep them prepared once school begins again.

As far as housekeeping goes, a summer nanny will most likely be responsible for some housekeeping work, such as making beds and doing dishes. Since the majority of summer nanny positions are to care for children who are out of school and a bit more independent, a summer nanny can have the children in her care complete some simple chores on their own, such as making their own beds and putting their dishes in the dishwasher.

If you are looking for a summer nanny job opportunity, be ready to be busy!

Where to Find Summer Nanny Positions

Are you searching for a summer nanny job but just aren't sure where to begin this search? First, you can rest assured that summer nanny positions are out there, many families are searching for a person to care for their children over the summer when school is out. If you know where to look for a summer nanny position and you are qualified, you should have no problem finding a summer nanny job.

First, you can try contacting a nanny agency for placement in a summer nanny job. Many agencies will place you in a resort area where families vacationing are looking for a person to care for their children while on holiday for the summer. If you don't wish to be placed in a resort area, you may want to look in the newspaper for any advertisements that are seeking a nanny for the summer. Internet nanny services are also great ways to find summer nanny positions as many families register for this type of care with online services, such as Otherwise, hearing about a position from a friend or acquaintance may be a way to find a job.

If you are up for traveling away from your home for the summer, which many summer nannies are, you can try looking at online newspapers for summer nanny jobs in the city or town you want to travel to. For instance, if you are hoping to nanny and you have always wanted to visit The Hamptons, you can find online newspapers for this location and peruse the classifieds for any advertised summer nanny positions. This can be done in virtually any city in the country.

Who Are Summer Nannies?

If you are interested in a summer nanny job opportunity you are not alone. Are you a college student looking to travel? If so, you are one of the many college-aged students who seek employment as a nanny for a few months before college begins again in the fall.

Are you a teacher who wants to make some extra money this summer as a nanny? A summer nanny job can really help you use your teaching knowledge with the children in your care and it is a great money maker as well.

Summer nanny jobs are great opportunities for college students who want to work with children, for teachers who are looking to use their skills outside of the classroom or for anyone who has a talent and a love of children. Even if you aren't a teacher or in college full time, don't let that stop you from becoming a summer nanny if you truly want to be. Just remember, most nanny agencies and families will not hire a nanny unless she or he is at least 18 years old!

How is a Summer Nanny Paid?

You will be paid weekly or bi-monthly during the summer in most nanny positions. You should agree ahead of time how much you will be paid weekly or monthly. How you are paid is determined by the family who hired you for your summer nanny job. What the nanny should know before accepting a summer nanny position is just how you will be paid and when. This saves any potential confusion throughout the summer.

If you go into a position expecting to be paid weekly but the family has no plans to pay you until summer's end and there was no discussion of payment before being hired, you may be disappointed when you don't receive a paycheck if you were expecting it. A simple discussion with the family before agreeing to nanny for them can solve any potential payment problems, as can a nanny contract - even for summer nanny opportunities!

Summer Nanny Jobs Overseas

Summer nanny opportunities also allow a nanny to travel, sometimes overseas. If you have ever thought about traveling abroad, you may want to become a summer nanny with a family overseas. If you are interested in this type of nanny position, you can do an Internet search engine search for "summer nanny overseas" for numerous sites that can assist you. If you would rather work with a company or nanny agency that you know as reputable (through word of mouth or past experience) that may make you feel more comfortable than doing a search on your own and it may be safer than signing up with an organization that you do not know much about.

A summer nanny position overseas allows you to be placed with a host family in need of an au pair, a mother's helper or a nanny in a country other than where you live. You can become a nanny in countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Australia or England. If you live outside of the United States you can travel to the United States to nanny for the summer. You will need a work visa and a passport to allow you to travel, not to mention a visit to the doctor to ensure you are healthy. If you work with a nanny agency you can expect to have the family in which you are hired to work for pay for your travel expenses and have transportation provided for you during your employment. If you have to pay for your own travel expenses, you should think twice about the position. Is a summer nanny position overseas for you? Contact a local nanny agency or online nanny service to read more about it and decide for yourself!

Why People Need Summer Nannies

The main reason people hire a nanny for the summer is that kids are out of school for the summer and aren't old enough to be left home alone all day. During the school year, it is easy for parents to coordinate activities or after-school care for their child for a few hours, in the summer it is a different story. Kids can go to day camps or classes throughout the day during the summer but if both parents are employed, getting the kids to and from these activities can be a challenge. This is why many parents rely on hiring a summer nanny to take care of these issues.

Another reason people need summer nannies is that they travel extensively throughout the summer and want someone to travel with them. A summer nanny may travel with the family and care for the kids while the parents do activities separate from their children. It is an ideal situation for a family that can afford a summer nanny for this specific reason. One plus in being a summer nanny is that often the children under your care are school-aged children and are a bit more independent and interactive than younger children and babies, which can make for a really fun summer!

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