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Benefits of Using a Nanny Agency

Using a nanny agency when finding a nanny job is often a good idea because many agencies offer quite a few bonus items that aren't included when you find a nanny position on your own. A nanny agency will basically take care of most everything included in your nanny job search. If utilizing a nanny agency you can expect to have the following benefits when deciding to go with one:

  • A nanny agency will help you find higher paying jobs when compared to finding a job on your own.
  • You can expect a nanny agency to offer continuing education courses for nannies, courses that can add to your resume and result in higher pay.
  • A nanny agency can offer you support once you are placed in a home, which means if there is a problem, the agency can assist you in solving it.
  • A nanny agency will have screened the families that come to them seeking a nanny. This is a bonus because you can feel secure that the family in which you are placed has had background checks and various other screenings completed before a nanny is allowed to be placed with them.
  • A nanny agency can be a benefit in your quest to find a nanny job because it also offers training, negotiating when it comes to nanny contracts and any type of mediation that may be necessary if a conflict arises with the family once you are placed.

Is using a nanny agency right for you? It is a personal choice, but many nannies find it a great way to go when choosing to find that perfect job!

Benefits of Using an Online Nanny Service

Just as using a nanny agency has its benefits, so does using an online nanny service. There are many positives to using an online nanny service, such as Nanny Lane.

  • Sites such as Nanny Lane offer tips and information on most anything nanny related, from finding and negotiating that perfect job to easy-to-make nanny contracts. This is beneficial because you aren't going it completely alone, you have some assistance.
  • If you are using an online nanny service you have the advantage of families contacting you immediately after registering with the site. You won't have to wait for an agency to search for a family for you. You can begin to receive information about families immediately!
  • If a family that doesn't seem to be what you are looking for contacts you, you can let them know that you aren't interested. This way you aren't wasting your time in interviews with families you have no intention of being a nanny for. This cuts down on time wasted during your nanny job search.
  • One other big plus of using an online nanny service is that you may have more nanny positions available to you when compared to using a nanny agency. So, you may have an easier time finding a nanny job in your area.

Finding a Nanny Job on Your Own

There are several nanny job search tips to help in finding a nanny position on your own. If you decide not to use a nanny agency for your search, keep in mind that families are not screened or deemed as safe, therefore when you meet with a family you are going into it without knowing much about them. You need to be sure that you are aware of your personal safety at all times when looking for a nanny position on your own.

One way to search for a nanny position is to check your local paper. Many times under the "childcare" area in the classifieds will be advertised nanny positions. If one interests you, you may contact the person according to what the ad says. You may also check bulletin boards at local colleges, grocery stores and post offices. Families often times advertise the need for a nanny in these places, so it is always a good idea to check these areas.

One last place to look for a nanny position on your own is through word of mouth. Maybe your friend is a nanny and knows someone who is looking for a nanny. Many times going with word of mouth in your nanny job search is safer than not having any connection with a potential family at all.

However you decide to start your nanny job search on your own is up to you, just remember to be safe when doing so!

Finding International Nanny Jobs

Are you looking to travel outside of the United States or your home country and work as an au pair? There are many international au pair positions for those who are searching for them.

One highly recommended way to find an international nanny position is to use an au pair agency. It is a good idea to do this, because you will be traveling from one country to another and an au pair agency can assist you with all that comes with this type of placement.

If you are just starting your international nanny search, you may want to try searching the International Nanny Association's website for more information on how to get started with this big step. You can search their site for recommended nanny placement sites, agencies, support groups or training programs for whichever country you are interested in. This site will give you the names and contact information for recommended and regarded businesses or agencies that can assist you in finding an international nanny job.

If you are leaning towards an international nanny position, using a nanny agency or online nanny service to assist you in this placement process is highly recommended.

Finding Nanny Jobs for Christians

Many Christian nannies specifically asked to be placed with a Christian family. This isn't an unusual request because people of faith often times like to be near other people of the same faith.

If you are a nanny looking for a Christian nanny position, there are a few places to look. One idea is to do an Internet search engine search for "Christian Nanny Positions" this will lead you to several different websites that offer placement and assistance for Christian nannies. If you are a Christian and wish to find a Christian nanny job, an online Christian nanny agency may be able to assist you.

Another place that may be able to assist you in finding a Christian nanny position is through your church. Many times churches are contacted by Christian families searching for a Christian nanny. You may want to speak to your pastor or a local church pastor and share your nanny job search.

Many nanny agencies or online nanny services also offer a nanny who registers with them to be very specific in the type of position he or she is looking for. This means if you decide to go with an online service or a nanny agency, you may be able to specify that you wish to be placed with a Christian family only.

If you are searching for a Christian nanny position, have no fear; there are many places that can assist you in finding that job!

Using a Nanny Agency to Find a Nanny Job

If you are looking to find a nanny job you may want to try using a nanny agency. A nanny agency is a business that specializes in placing nannies with families throughout the world. You can find a nanny agency by doing an Internet search with a major search engine or searching your phone book for nanny agency advertisements.

Place a call to an agency. During this time, the nanny agency will chat with you about your history and go over your current and previous childcare experiences. If you have a resume it would be ideal to bring it with you to this initial meeting. Once you have agreed to sign on with a specific agency, the nanny agency will do several background checks to verify your employment history, such as if you have a criminal record and if you have ever been convicted of child abuse.

You will also want to specify with the nanny agency if you are looking for a live-in nanny job, a live-out nanny position or a part-time or summer position.

Using a nanny agency can be helpful; however, some may charge you a fee to do so. Many nanny agency fees are paid for by the families searching for a nanny, so there may be no fees at all to you as a nanny. This is something to keep in mind when deciding to use a nanny agency to assist you in your search to be a nanny.

Using an Online Nanny Service

Another option when beginning your nanny job search is to use an online nanny service. Online sites such as Nanny Lane are a great place to start your job search. An online nanny service is a great idea when looking for that nanny position.

With many online nanny sites you must register at the site, sometimes for free and sometimes for a fee. Many nannies are allowed to register their information for free and families searching for a nanny pay a fee to find a nanny on that particular site. You simply put in your information, your resume and your history within the childcare field. You should really sell yourself when registering on sites such as these, making sure you catch the eye of a family who is searching for a nanny.

By registering at an online nanny site, you will be available to be contacted by a family that expresses interest in you. This contact is usually done in the form of an email. If a family expresses interest in you via an email and you are not interested in that family, it is important that you respond to them and let them know this.

Online nanny services are a great tool in assisting nannies in their job search. Many sites though do not screen nannies or the families who are searching for a nanny. This is important to know when a family contacts you expressing interest in meeting with and possibly hiring you for a job.

You will want to ask for references and check them, request that a background check on the family be completed (often out of your own pocket) and be sure not to give the family any personal information until you have completed the above information. This is for your own safety when using sites that do not prescreen candidates. The family will most likely do the same steps with you, to ensure their safety when bringing a new person into the home.

Using an online nanny service is a good idea, it may lead you to a great job, just keep in mind that with many online services, you will be responsible for screening the family that contacts you.

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