Akira M. - Seeking Work in Chicago
Akira M. - Seeking Work in Chicago

Full-Time Available Nanny Akira in Chicago, IL

A little bit about me…Hello! I'm akira and i'm an energetic 26 year old with the spirit of a 16 year old. I've been teaching for 5 years and am certified to work with special needs children and children on the spectrum as well. I was previously employed by a nanny agency in chicago but since i've moved back home to PA i'm looking spread some joy and light in a new space and help a new family. I've been working with children since I was a child and have moved on to working with them professionally. I've nannied, worked at daycares, worked in schools, clinics, camps and in homes and have lots of experience with many different kinds of kiddos and families. Its really important to me to help make a family feel as secure as possible when you're helping care for their child.
Looking For
Start: TBD
Weekdays 6:00AM – 6:00PM
Age Groups
Driver’s License
First Aid
Fluent Languages
Jun 2019 – Jan 2021 (2yrs 7mo)

Sep 2016 – Dec 2020 (4yrs 3mo)

More About Me
Relevant experience where I also cared for children were…I was an assistant teacher of a high school math and science class. I've been the teacher of 2s and 3s classroom at a daycare. I've been a registered behavior technician for autistic children as well as children with behavioral issues. I was also the personal caregiver to a young child with special needs, spinal cord injury and developmental delays.
Activities I enjoy doing with children…I love being outside but I also love doing art projects inside, making music, baking, teaching children life skills, taking photos and playing sports.
The most important part about being a nanny…The most important part about being a nanny is making the family feel as comfortable and secure with the process as possible.
My experience with special needs children…Stated above but I have over 7 years of experience working with special needs children.
My favorite nanny moment…One of my favorite nanny moments was when a young boy introduced me as being a part of his family.

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