Astrid J. - Seeking Work in Garland
Astrid J. - Seeking Work in Garland

Part-Time Babysitter Available in Garland, TX: Astrid J.

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A little bit about me…I’m currently a college student at Texas A&M Commerce, intending to graduate with a bachelor's in organizational leadership. Passionate nanny/teacher with 8+years of experience caring for children. Highly skilled in child care with knowledge of safety precautions and educational activities. I’ve nannied for many families with children ages 4mo - 13 y/o, both long/short term. I'm currently a nanny for three wonderful boys. I’m looking to babysit throughout the week! Also looking to babysit (weekends) for date nights, early mornings, and evenings if needed. Willing to help with light cleaning, laundry, and errands.

I can provide references & resume upon request.

Please feel free to message me with questions!

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Nov 2020 – Oct 2021

She was always on time and would go above and beyond it came to taking care of my child. She treated her as if she was her own. She is very kind, and tender of heart. Will always recommend Astrid for being amazing with children

*Contact information available upon request

Feb 2018 – Feb 2019

Astrid was our babysitter for a year. Not only is she great with kids, but she is also responsible and able to stay calm even under stressful situations. She is certified in CPR and First Aid, which always reassured me that my child was in good hands. She would make sure that my child was always calm and happy. Helped to take him to his play dates as well as feedings. She always helped with a light cleaning around the house. If you choose to hire Astrid, you can be confident that you’re getting one of the best babysitters around. You don’t have to worry about a babysitter who will just sit and watch tv, Astrid is very engaging with kids and earns their fee.

*Contact information available upon request

Driver’s License
First Aid
Fluent Languages
Light housekeeping
Meal prep
Jan 2013 – Nov 2021 (9yrs 10mo)
More About Me
Relevant experience where I also cared for children were…Working at a Montessori Children's school and Richardson Independent District as a coordinator for after-school care.
Activities I enjoy doing with children…I love doing indoor/outdoor activities with kids! I enjoy doing crafts, drawing, and painting, doing enrichment activities and going to the park!
My favorite nanny moment…With so much experience and having so many memories with so many children, it’s impossible to name a favorite moment. There are so many memorable memories that I have with so many children. I can say that my favorite memory is that I had the opportunity to build a bond with every child I’ve taken care of.
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