Elizabeth G. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles
Elizabeth G. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Full-Time Nanny Available in Los Angeles, CA: Elizabeth G.

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A little bit about me…I have a Masters in Psychology-emphasis Marriage and Family Therapy. Completed several child development classes as well. I am experienced, trustworthy, responsible, prompt and a good communicator.
I am comfortable watching many children at once; from 2 months-teen years.
I have experience being a nanny, date night sitter, before or after school care, camp counselor, mothers helper, Sunday School teacher, after school prog teacher, Special Education Aide, etc. I've been a nanny for several families through the years.
Nanny/date night/sitter duties: changing diapers, meal prep, bathtime, morning or night routine, taking kids to the park, swimming, doing crafts, baking, reading, doing puzzles & other games, straightening up, coloring, painting, etc. I love being a role model for children and ensuring their safety.
Favorite children's book is Bread and jam for Frances. Favorite children's games: Mancala, checkers, Uno, etc.
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Driver’s License
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Fluent Languages
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10+ years of experience caring for:
Toddlers (1-3 years)
Infants (0-11 months)
Preschoolers (4-9 years)
Grade-schoolers (10-12 years)
More About Me
Relevant experience where I also cared for children were…Previous nanny or babysitting jobs, church Sunday School classes, volunteer with special needs high school and young adults, summer camp counselor, etc
Activities I enjoy doing with children…Reading, playing board games, build with blocks, going to the park, going for walks, painting, coloring, puzzles, Legos, baking, etc.
The most important part about being a nanny…Having fun, having boundaries, and making sure children in my care are safe at all . I also believe in follow through with timeouts and consequences. I believe in honesty and open communication with the parents of families I work for/with.
My experience with special needs children…Autistic, learning disabled, down syndrome, schizophrenia, behavioral challenges, etc.
My favorite nanny moment…The privilege of being able to watch and experience children reach different milestones.
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Mia C. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Live-In Part-Time Nanny Available in Los Angeles, CA: Mia C.

Hi there! My name is Mia and I grew up in a large family as one of the eldest, so caring for children is nothing new to me. I’m very comfortable working with multiple children of varying ages, as well as performing housework and making meals. I love being able to prosper a creative, educational, and fun environment for the children I care for. I am currently seeking a summer/temporary position as I continue my studies as a graduate student at CalArts.
Veronika S. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Live-In Full-Time Nanny Available in Los Angeles, CA: Veronika S.

My name is Veronika. I’m from the Czech Republic and in 2022 I went to the US as an aupair. I would like to stay in the US for a while because I love this job! I love to work with kids, be part of their life. Learn a lot of things from them but also teach them a lot of things!
Before I became an aupair, I was teaching small kids in a group of athletic - little firefighters. They were in ages 2-14.
Since my childhood I was visiting an art camp mostly for actors. In 2020 I was there as a director for younger kids! I had a group of 20-25 kids in ages 7-12. We were working together every day for 14 days. We made 2 night performances and one main for the parents! I loved that job!
I also have a younger brother. He’s 9 years old right now, but I experienced with him the most!
I love to be creative with kids, active but also learning new things!
Kristy D. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Live-In Full-Time Babysitter Available in Los Angeles, CA: Kristy D.

Hi, my name is Kristy Demerath and although I do not technically have Nanny experience, I am a mother of two daughters myself, & I definitely feel confident with the amount of time I have spent around children & teens throughout my life. I started babysitting at a young age (11) for several neighbors. I have ways been around kids my whole life. I adore them in every way. I'm a people person in general but kids, elderly and animals are my soft spot. I went to college and took some ECE units and some proper coursework. I wanted to be a 3rd grade teacher at one point. I am now a caregiver for the elderly & have been since 2019. I take my work very seriously. I am definitely an Empath and always try to help others the best way I possibly can. I definitely take the time to invest in others, make them feel validated and safe. At the end of the day, I am very proud at where I stand. I would love to mix up my work. I am so young at heart still and I am able to connect with children in a way.
Erika C. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Live-In Part-Time Babysitter Available in Los Angeles, CA: Erika C.

Joana T. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Full-Time Babysitter Available in Los Angeles, CA: Joana T.

I love kids i love playing with them helping them learn new things take them out too the park be always there with them i never leave them alone
 Marielle  H. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Live-In Full-Time Nanny Available in Los Angeles, CA: Marielle H.

Hi my name is Marielle I have 15 plus years of childcare experience working with children of all ages.I have swim and lifeguard certification.I have nanny and preschool tecaher as well as experience as a children’s birthday party hostess .i have early child hood education courses completed .I am in school working on my degree in early childhood education .my rate is 18-25 depending on location and number of children
Christian P. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Full-Time Babysitter Available in Los Angeles, CA: Christian P.

I am well equipped when it comes to safety. Not only am I CPR certified but have experience applying first hand. I have experience with kids that have learning disabilities, and that has taught me how to care for all different kinds of kids!
Maria  M. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Full-Time Nanny Available in Los Angeles, CA: Maria M.

I have a good attitude with children. I like to play and sing with them. I am a very responsible and careful person.
Kienna C. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Full-Time Nanny Available in Los Angeles, CA: Kienna C.

I have spent the last 3 years working at a Montessori school, I love watching and helping kids grow. I have never nannied before but I do have lots of experience with kids between working at the school and babysitting on the side. I just moved here so I have complete availability. My hope is to go back to college and finish studying in elementary ed as I went to Montana State University last year.

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