Marsha J. - Seeking Work in Brooklyn
Marsha J. - Seeking Work in Brooklyn

Marsha J.

start: Dec 4, 2018
3 yrs experience
meal prep
special needs
first aid
infant care
toddler care
A little bit about me…I am a great Nanny because i love and nuture the kids the same as i will love my 3 kids. I take care of kids just like they are mines.
My experience with special needs children…You just have to show them more love and be very attentive to them
Activities I enjoy doing with children…Reading going to the park and library
The most important part about being a nanny…Is the love and be respect you give and can get it back 100% from the kids and parents
My favourite nanny moment…Is when you teaching them to speak or when they are now learning to walk