Meirra B. - Seeking Work in New York
Meirra B. - Seeking Work in New York

Part-Time Available Nanny Meirra in New York, NY

A little bit about me…Dear Family,

I have been taking care of children since I was a child. I am the eldest of two girls and come from a large, very close, family. On one side I am the eldest girl of 20 cousins and have always been responsible for caring for those younger than me.

I have years of childcare experience. When I was 12 I started babysitting and I have continued babysitting, part-time and full-time nanny work since then. I have also worked for four years in an infant nursery at Grace Church as the head of the nursery; during this time I also worked the 2-3 year old nursery.

I taught children ages pre-k through high school English in Paraguay during a volunteer gap year there. While there I also started an after-school program for boys and girls to provide space for children who did not have supervision.

I have worked with youth instruction in language, dance, art and martial arts. I have worked as a lifeguard and am trained in first aid and CPR. I also have experience caring for special needs children.

What all of this adds up to is: I love children. I love working with them and investing in the future of this world.

I recently completed my undergraduate studies at UNC Chapel Hill with a B.A. in Anthropology and Global Studies. I speak multiple languages including Spanish, Arabic, Hindi and French and have traveled extensively (these are experiences I would love to share with the children). After graduation I continued my work as an independent contractor--specializing in branding, social media and marketing--for non-profits. I have spent the past six months as a live-in nanny in the UWS for three children ages: 1.5, 4.5 and 7.5. I love dance, art and absolutely anything and everything outdoors. Right now I am focused on dance and art. I want to continue this track eventually and get my PHD at NYU in the Anthropology of Dance.

I also dance... a lot! I am a competitive ballroom and salsa dancer. NYC is a great place for dance. I love yoga, rock climbing, biking and meditating. I try to keep my lifestyle as natural and grounded as possible. I love to dance, I know I've already mentioned this but it's important: I'll dance anywhere and everywhere!

I enjoy being a nanny because it is a job that inspires; children have way of pulling the best out of people. I want a job that I am passionate about, and child care fits that criteria.

I am looking for a family that is supportive of the arts and creativity and desires to instill those values in their children. I would love to work with the children on language skills, or teach art, dance...whatever they are interested in learning!

I love planning adventures with the children I care for and these would take them outdoors for fresh air, space for creativity and exploration. I’m an avid camper and backpacker; I know the city doesn’t really have opportunity for that but similar skills can still be learned in an urban environment.

I like to work hard and hate being bored. I am laid-back and easy-going person. I really like to plan things (because adventures are fun!) and be organized (because it leaves more time for the fun stuff!). If you want to find out more about me feel free to ask me anything, I'm an open book! I also have references available upon request.

I hope to find a family that I can connect with so that we will be able to enrich each other's lives. I hope that could be you.

With Much Love,
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Start: TBD
Aug 2017 - Jan 2018 (5mo)