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A little bit about me…I have been babysitting my younger siblings for about 7 years. I've babysat some family friends children who were from the age of 3 all the way up until the age of 14. I sometimes help with my churches children s program and most of the children are from 3-12 years old. I am very loving , responsible and caring. I don t smoke or drink . I have experience with working with children with special needs , as i have a cousin who is and i babysit him from one to tim .I am a great cook. I am very positive, happy , outgoing and some people may even call me funny. I am hardworking and I take my jobs very seriously. I just graduated from my Cedar Hill High school with a 3.5 GPA. I am very clean & very respectable of peoples area. I love working with children , I learn so much from them .
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Start: May 23, 2020
Weekdays 3:00PM - 10:00PM
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Driver’s License
Fluent Languages
Apr 2020 - May 2020 (1mo)
More About Me
Activities I enjoy doing with children…I enjoy nature so I would take the children to a safe walking trail. There’s one in Cedar Hill Texas near joe pool lake that my dad use fo take my siblings and I it has a beautiful patio view of the whole trail. Nature brings me peace and we all need it especially with the way life is right now. I don’t know how to draw but I love looking at art so I would do arts and crafts with the children or take them to some interesting museums such as an illusion museum or one of bishop arts many beautiful small museums and boutiques. I would learn the children and things that they love to do and work around that.
The most important part about being a nanny…I feel as though being a nanny at such a young age is a great experience. For children to be at such a young age , they learn from us that are older . I , on the other hand feel like I learn so much from children. It brings me great joy to make other people happy .
My experience with special needs children…I’ve babysat children with autism. I noticed that it’s easier to try and understand them and speak to them the same way you would speak to any other child. They hear you it just takes them a little longer to understand. A lot of people don’t know that autistic children are extremely wise. Most autistic children don’t speak but they listen and watch everything and they’re waiting there chance to speak, it just takes time. I love working with children because I learn from them more than they know which is very ironic.
My favorite nanny moment…I couldn’t pick a favorite moment because every moment is special in its own way but if I could it would be the point where the child finally feels comfortable around you. Sometimes it’s very hard for a child to adapt to being around someone other than their parent(s) for so long and it’s very hard to adjust. In some small children it can cause anxiety so you want to be very gentle, but once you get to that point of “ok I know this girl, she prettt cool” you can begin to flourish as a nanny. So, that would be my favorite nanny moment every time.

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