Vanessa T. - Seeking Work in Chicago
Vanessa T. - Seeking Work in Chicago

Live-In Full-Time Nanny Available in Chicago, IL: Vanessa T.

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A little bit about me…I’m currently working in lake view at a preschool/daycare&would like to continue helping families.My shift is 8-5 Mon/Fri.I’m available weekends & available after work.I’m available for date nights,run errands for a few hrs, or a much needed break.I’m 29 and live in hermosa.I have been a watching kids since 15 from watching my family kids.Professional nanny for the past 5 years. I have plenty of experience with newborn/toddlers. Theyre my favorite because they bring the kid out of me.I love having fun at home activities and weather permitted I would like to go to the park or anywhere safe for kids. I treat kids as my own.I love seeing their personality blossom and I have plenty of patience. My cousin with 2 girls tells me all the time, “You’re so great with kids have some already” but I prefer to give all my love & attention to others. I’m also familiar with Chicago as my family and I grew up in Chicago. I would also like to add that I’m fully vaccinated.Any questions please message me

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Nov 2018 – Dec 2019 (1yrs 1mo)

Aug 2018 – Oct 2019 (1yrs 2mo)

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Relevant experience where I also cared for children were…Professional nanny for 3 years
Activities I enjoy doing with children…I love doing educational activities as they are always learning something new everyday. It’s great seeing how much they blossom
I like painting activities and crafting.
When weather is beautiful I like to go outdoors to the park
The most important part about being a nanny…The most important part being a nanny is making sure that the child is being care for at all time and having a fun educational day.
My experience with special needs children…I have watched a 5 year old boy that had ADHD. It was fun experience because he was just like any other 5 yrs old.
My favorite nanny moment…My favorite moment is when the kids see me come through the door how happy they are to see me. It brings so much joy to my heart
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Nesaly T. - Seeking Work in Chicago

Part-Time Nanny Available in Chicago, IL: Nesaly T.

Hi! My name is Nesaly or Natalie. I am an 18 year old college student studying to become an Ultrasound Technician. I am interested in working with children for additional experience in my career field I am very kind and loving person. I grew up with 5 siblings and love kids!! I am also very fun and know how to work with children. I love music, art, and keeping a good GPA in school. I value education and family the most in life. I am CPR certified and have been working with kids for almost 2 years now! I provided home made meals and additional house duties. I am very trustworthy and would love to work with you all thank you parents!
Zulay C. - Seeking Work in Chicago

Full-Time Child Care Provider Available in Chicago, IL: Zulay C.

My name is Zulay .I am a 47 year old Latina woman , I have 4 children and 3 grandchildren .
Jessica A. - Seeking Work in Chicago

Part-Time Child Care Provider Available in Chicago, IL: Jessica A.

Hi I’m not very good with kids but I will try my best to get along with them
Esther  D. - Seeking Work in Chicago

Full-Time Nanny Available in Chicago, IL: Esther D.

My name is Esther. I’m a junior at Josephinum Academy and I love the color pink and every other pastel and soft colors. I love children very very much. They are little bundles of joy and I pray tat one day I’ll be a wonderful mom to little adorable kids of my own.
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Part-Time Babysitter Available in Chicago, IL: Jasmine B.

Rachel T. - Seeking Work in Chicago

Part-Time Babysitter Available in Chicago, IL: Rachel T.

My name is Rachel and I’m 17 years old.
I love kids and I’ve done some light siting on the side.
I am a junior collegiate rower, I love to read and I am fascinated by marine life. I love to get involved and stay active in the city with marches and protest. Because I believe it’s important to make sure you’re voice is heard.
Dashon J. - Seeking Work in Chicago

Live-In Part-Time Babysitter Available in Chicago, IL: Dashon J.

I am a kind, passionate, genuine person; someone you could trust. I love putting a smile on ones face and making their lives as least stressful as possible.
Kaylee S. - Seeking Work in Chicago

Live-In Full-Time Babysitter Available in Chicago, IL: Kaylee S.

Hi, I’m Kaylee! I’ve been a childcare provider both full-time and part-time over the last eight years through college. I graduated from Xavier University with my BA in 2018, and I just completed my MBA and made the Dean’s List every semester. I have experience with newborns- teenagers, have a clean driving record, and am experience with domestic and international travel.
Laneya C. - Seeking Work in Chicago

Live-In Full-Time Babysitter Available in Chicago, IL: Laneya C.

First off I'm going to start off by saying, I have always loved children. I've been babysitting and looking over kids since I was 8 years old. I have raised my 3-year-old nephew from new born and still working with him. Being his second mom has taught me more than anything else in this world: it taught me patience, honor, forgiveness and that life is too short to be sad! I love my nephew with everything in me and I hope to spread that love with more children and people in general. I am very good a teaching and tutoring. My strengths are reading, math and writing. I am also strong at communication, I believe it's key to a better future! Like everyone else I do have a weakness and that is wanting to please everyone. I feel that if I can make everyone happy then it not only heals them but it heals me. I'm 18 years old and I can't wait to meet new people and adventure! One day I want to become a writing teacher for kids and teens, I feel that writing is a way to escape the world!

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