Victoria  S. - Seeking Work in New York
Victoria  S. - Seeking Work in New York

Full-Time Available Nanny Victoria in New York, NY

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Oct 2011 - Oct 2017 (6yrs)

Jun 2016 - Nov 2017 (1yrs 5mo)
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Masha L. - Seeking Work in New York
Masha L.
New York$20/hr  |  < 1 yr experience
I am a dedicated caregiver & child care infant specialist. I have been a full-time caregiver in Russia, Connecticut & Florida for the last 30 years. A year and half ago I moved to NY (I love this city!) and have had a wonderful position with a beautiful family and the sweetest baby boy. I have 30 years of experience working with children - my specialty is working with newborns & infants, as well as toddlers. I have worked as a babysitter and nanny, all while for the last 20 years working as an Infant Room Teacher at multiple accredited Child Care Centers. I am now looking for a full time position where I can care for, love, nurture, and help develop your newborn. I give my all to make sure my children are safe, secure, happy, and cared for to the best of my ability. I am unique, energetic, hands-on, creative, and have even been called the “baby whisperer” by some of my favorite families - this makes me very happy. I am accredited, focused, and exceptionally trained with many classes, workshops and certifications. I am blessed to have a wonderful daughter. I enjoy spending time and laughing with her, her husband, my husband & our adopted dog Cha Cha. I love music, art, ballet, babies!, dark chocolate, dogs, and experiencing incredible NYC. I know how difficult it is to trust someone with your precious family. With many humbling letters of reference that will help someone get to know me, and with my unique point of view, I am excited to find a new family that I can bond with and love, as I have all my babies in the past.