How much do nannies make in Salem, OR?

The average salary for a nanny is $14.88 per hour in Salem, OR.

How much can you make as a nanny in your area?

On average, how much do nannies make in Salem, OR?

On average, a nanny earns $14.88 per hour in Salem, OR. You can expect to earn an hourly rate between $13.50 and $20. The salary of a nanny can depend on their location, responsibilities, qualifications, and the type of care provided.

On average, how much do nannies make in Salem, OR?


The highest paying nearby cities for nannies

Whether you’re in Bend, Portland, or Tigard, location is one of the biggest factors that can impact the salary of a nanny. Typically, the higher the cost of living, the higher the nanny salary. The city where nannies are the highest paying in Oregon is Bend, where the average hourly rate is $18.29.

How much can you make as a nanny in your area?

How much should a nanny make in your area?

How often do you need a nanny job?

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Available nanny jobs in Salem, OR

The Dershewitz Family - Hiring in Salem
The Dershewitz Family
Northgate, Salem$15.50/hr  |  2 kids
Hi there, I’m looking for a full time nanny or nanny share preferably for my adorable kids, Corbin (2) and Aayla (9 months).

I’m easy going, my kids are happy and they are used to a routine. I currently use daycare, but it’s really hard with kids getting sick and plus my son is the only one his age in his class, so he’s with 8 other babies under 1 and he’s just really overwhelmed and bored of playing by himself. He loved it when he had other kids to play with. I want them to be able to go places and do stuff, I’ll pay for memberships, outings, etc. I travel quite a bit so there will be some time off, I understand you’ll still need paid so that it doesn’t affect your income.
I’m a single mom.
I’m needing care Monday through Friday 9am-5pm We do not have any pets but we love them. I’m a pretty clean person. I would want my house to be picked up, I’ll do the major cleaning, just need it maintained as much as possible during the day and please don’t allow the toddler to color the walls, eat in the front room, etc. He is a good kid, he has toddler meltdowns but then he says “oh sorry” and snaps out of it. lol.
I want someone who CARES about kids, I feel like that “love” is lost at a daycare because they are so busy with other kids and the staff are always new, so the kids don’t get to form a bond with them. I would want this nanny to be a part of our family. Ideally a nanny share would be best so that the kids have some social interactions with other children. At my house or their house, or possibly like a mix of both.
Must be fun but firm, have at least 2 years of experience, have your own car, pass a background check, random UA’s, CPR and First aid certified, making the kids healthy meals and keeping them on a routine.
Thank you for reading about our family and we’re looking forward to meeting you.
Start date: April 11, 2022
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