The Beckman Family

start: TBD
0 - 5 mth old boy

Nanny Jobs near Aurora

The Carminati Family
Aurora$12/hr  |  4 kids
Responsibilities include:
drop off and pick up from daycare/school M-F
oversee homework
supervise children in the morning, preparation for the day or for school and supervision from end of school through dinner and bed time
prepare all food for family
some overnights (approximately 24 every 6 month period)
weekends (occasionally)
tidy house including dishes, laundry, playroom
ongoing housekeeping responsibilities, such as cleaning floors, bathrooms, counters, windows, and occasionally the fridge
running errands
pet care
behaving like a member of the household

room & board in Aurora, CO (Southlands)
private furnished bedroom (bathroom is not private but on the same floor, small walk-in closet, internet access)
cell phone w/ unlimited internet, texting, minutes
use of a family car with car insurance
shared access to family common areas including kitchen, laundry, community pool, treadmill, TVs, gaming consoles, yard, deck
up to $1,000/year towards college credits and/or college books
14 days paid vacation / year
fluid schedule, which may change from week to week
$150/month towards health insurance

About Us:
Multi-cultural and multi-language family
We work long hours, odd hours, every-day-of-the-week hours
We love hard, argue hard
We take vacations with or without the children on a regular basis
We are both very demanding and highly grateful & generous to those who make our lives easier
We like sailing, scuba diving, skiing/snowboarding, and reading

About You:
No smoking (whether weed or tobacco or other) (inside or outside the house)
No edibles in the house (we are not morally opposed but one of us is an employee with the Federal Government and it don’t play)
Has tremendous initiative. We really mean it
Mature & responsible
Thick skinned
Strong sense of humor
Comfortable with a non-religious household
Comfortable with “Black Lives Matter,” “Love is Love,” and “My Body, My Choice” posters around the house
Driver’s License and clean driving record