The Bradley Family - Hiring in Portland
The Bradley Family - Hiring in Portland

Full-Time Nanny Job: The Bradley Family with 1 Child

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0 - 5 month old boy
A little bit about us…We need a nanny starting in early October. Our son Gabriel will be 5 months old. He is healthy. We live in Sellwood and would prefer a nanny come to our home but are flexible if the nanny lives close by or en route to our work. We are still sorting out the hours, but likely it would be 3 full-time days, likely 30 hours/week. Responsibilities would be child care and housekeeping when able. We wouldn't want any driving unless in the case of an emergency.

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Hello, I’m looking for someone who is playful to keep my toddler occupied while I get some work done. I’m looking for the nanny to stay in my home/garden with my child while I’m close by. Hours can be flexible, I’m looking to get about 3 hrs a day around 12-3pm to buckle down on some work.
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Just need Mondays from 9-5, two girls one is potty training still .I also have a son but do not need care for him he is 12.
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Hiyas! We're looking to share a nanny with another family on the east side of PDX. We need someone at least 3 days a week, but could do more as finances allow. I am hopeful that sharing care with another family will help make this affordable and workable for everyone.

Right now we need care at least Tuesday - Thursday from 8 am - 5 pm, but would also like to add Monday.

Our son just turned 2 last month. He's a big kid and very sweet (I imagine all parents say that). He loves playing outside, kicking around a soccer ball, and playing with cars.

We are happy to host in our home, or travel to another. We have a large, fenced back yard with lots of outdoor toys. We don't need any housework, driving, pet care, etc. We have a black lab mix who's great with our son, but she goes to work with me every day.

We're a queer family (two dads), so everyone would need to be great with that. :-)
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We are expecting a baby boy in late October and will be needing a Nanny or Nanny share setup by the end of January when we return to work (~40 hours a week/Monday-Friday). Open to doing a Nanny share at our house, another family's house someplace closeby in SE Portland, or a combination of the two.
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I am an RN and my husband works remotely in philanthropy. We have a sweet, curious, and energetic 15 month old we need care for since I am moving from part time to full time. My mom watches our daughter 1-2 days/week so we need care for the other few days. We can try to be flexible about which days we need care for! We also have a dog at home but will not have any pet care requirements.
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Looking for a sitter for my 2 kids during the summer.
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Hi there! My name is Sylvia. My sons name is Rivers and he’s the sweetest little guy. He likes being read to, long walks around the neighborhood, playing with his toys, watching music videos and Disney movies. We have never hired a nanny, nor has he ever been taken care of by anyone he’s unfamiliar with but I know once the interaction starts he’ll love you. Rivers has a pretty flexible routine and I basically go about our day at his pace. I am only looking for a nanny if and when my husband and I want to spend alone time together. Friday or Saturdays, preferably afternoons and sometimes maybe going into the night time. I would prefer our nanny to come to our home to sit, where he is familiar with everything. I look forward to speaking with you!
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