The Klemens Family - Hiring in Portland
The Klemens Family - Hiring in Portland

Full-Time Nanny Job: The Klemens Family with 2 Children

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0 - 5 month old child
0 - 5 month old child
A little bit about us…We’re expecting twins in the fall and will be looking to return to work in March 2023. Hours are Monday - Friday, 7:30 - 4:30.

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Start: Mar 6, 2023
Weekdays 7:00AM – 4:00PM

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Part-Time Nanny Job: The Garner Family with 1 Child

Warehouse coordinator I work swing shift. Devon is a busy little boy and gets into just about everything and is FAST. He loves singing his ABC's and is obsessed with cheese. But is a picky eater. I just need someone to watch him from when I need to go to work and his Father to come home.
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Consultant and hygienist
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Part-Time Nanny Job: The Bower Family with 1 Child

Sky is a happy, giggly, energetic 9mo old boy. He loves to play, crawl and explore. We live in NE Portland, and would like to find someone to care for Sky approx 3-4 days per week. Given Sky's stage (crawling, beginning to pull to stand / walk), it's important to us that the person caring for Sky really engages & plays with him, and watches him closely. During the day, Sky will eat pureed foods + formula and takes 2 solid naps (60-90+mins each). Please let us know any questions. Thanks!
The Wisot Family - Hiring in Portland

Part-Time Nanny Job: The Wisot Family with 1 Child

I’m looking for a nanny on Mondays from 8-5 and Thursdays from 1:30-4:30. I have a 5 month old daughter who is so sweet, determined, funny and expressive. I’m in school part-time and working part-time so I’m hoping to fill these two days in my schedule and do a nanny share with another family with one kid of a similar age.
The Cartan Family - Hiring in Portland

Part-Time Nanny Job: The Cartan Family with 1 Child

My husband and I are looking for a nanny share for our sweet one-year-old daughter, Flora. I work from home as a book editor and my husband works as an ecologist. We are flexible on timing and could do 3-4 days a week! We'd prefer not to host the nanny share right now, as we are renting a smaller house as we look to buy.

Flora loves meeting new people, reading books, listening and dancing to music, eating all types of foods, and playing outside. She's walking, and we have to chase her around. She takes two naps a day and loves to be engaged. Because of covid, we haven't met a ton of other families with kids her age, but we are very much looking forward to that. We'd love to find a nanny share with other responsible and covid-mindful parents.

We'd love a nanny who is experienced with this age group with a calm, nurturing demeanor. Someone who is active, dynamic with activities, and engaging. Responsibilities would include playing with her, light meal prep and feeding, clean-up, and putting her down for her naps. Looking forward to meeting you!

Thanks so much!
The Gretzinger Family - Hiring in Portland

Full-Time Nanny Job: The Gretzinger Family with 1 Child

Hi there!

My wife and I are expecting- due in mid August 2022. We're looking for a potential nanny share starting in November.

We would need care roughly from 7a-5p M/Tu/Th/F. We would be happy to bring our little one to your house or split days between houses.

We are generally easy going people and hope to have a fairly easy going nanny share experience. We live in the Sellwood area and would love to stay local.

Feel free to message me if we sound like a good fit with your family!
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Full-Time Nanny Job: The Kageorge Family with 1 Child

We’re looking for babysitters for date night!
The Tetreault Family - Hiring in Portland

Full-Time Nanny Job: The Tetreault Family with 1 Child

Both my husband and I are consultants that work from home. We live in NE Portland the Boise/King/Irvington area. We are expecting a baby early in 2023 and seeking a nanny-share 30-35 hours a week M-F. We would expect the nanny share to start in June 2023. From time to time, we might also ask the nanny to walk our 20-lb 7-year-old dog.

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