The Miranda Family - Hiring in Los Angeles
The Miranda Family - Hiring in Los Angeles

Part-Time Nanny Job: The Miranda Family with 1 Child

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3 year old boy
A little bit about us…Currently looking for a sitter/nanny who has availability Tuesday-Thursday 12:30pm-6:00 p.m. occasionally some Fridays. I would like someone who has experience with toddlers. My 3yr old is currently in preschool so I'm looking for someone who can commit to the schedule above (LONG TERM ONLY!) . If interested, please contact me and I can go more in depth about the job position/schedule etc. Thank you.

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Tue–Fri 12:30PM – 6:00PM

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Driver’s License
First Aid
Fluent Languages
Meal prep
Special needs
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I work as a clinical research supervisor at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. I need care for my niece and nephew who are visiting for the month of July. I will only need someone to watch them for up to three days out of the work week. As I will need to go into the office to support my employees. They will not require any additional support aside from being watched at my home.
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Looking for a full time nanny position for an infant starting 8/15. My husband works from home most days. Will be a regular schedule from 6:30/7am - 3:30/4pm. May need additional help occasionally for evenings. Open to discuss live-in nanny position also.

We also have a small dog (Dachshund), that may occasionally need to be let out. Please inquire for more details.
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We are seeking a reliable and caring nanny to join our family as a part-time date night caregiver for our two adorable girls, aged 2 and 4. As working parents, we understand the importance of having quality time together, and we are looking for someone trustworthy and experienced to provide exceptional care for our children during our occasional evenings out.

We would like to mention that we have a friendly Pit Bull dog who will remain in his crate and will not require any care during your babysitting duties.
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We are in need of a nanny for Ella, our darling 3 month old. She is very alert and just so lovable! My husband and I both work full time so we are hoping to find a live-in nanny with weekday and weekend availability (would not need every weekend covered). We also have a little pomeranian at home :)
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My son has slight autism , but his very calm and listen well. Loves to burn is energy outside or playing different activities in the house . His still not consistent with his potty training so we have to make sure we remind him when to use the bathroom. Goes to school everyday from 8am til 2:20 but step Tuesday's he gets out early. The days and hours I need a nanny is Tuesday- Friday from 3pm til 7pm. No pick ups I will be picking him up . I basically just need help with him around the house because I work at home as well so sometimes I need to leave and run errands and I need help with him or I need help with making sure his feed or taking him outside to get some play time .
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Hi everyone,
My name is Ashley. I am married with a 19 month old and one on the way. My husband and I mostly need someone on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for now. 8am-5pm.

Happy to host at our apartment if easiest. Husband works from home but will be locked away in his office.

Remy is my son - 19 months old. Adventurous and a little wild at times but good natured and loves to learn. He loves going to the park, making new friends and finding sticks to play with.
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I’m a manager and work 10 hrs a day

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