The Steele Family - Hiring in Los Angeles
The Steele Family - Hiring in Los Angeles

Full-Time Nanny Job: The Steele Family with 3 Children

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3 year old boy
6 year old boy
11 year old boy
A little bit about us…I’m a former nanny (10+ years) and preschool teacher who understands intimately both sides of the nanny/parent relationship. I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology and am one class shy of finishing my Masters in Early Childhood Education. My dream job would be a lab assistant to Alison Gopnik ;-). We really strive to make our nannies feel more than just comfortable in our home…we hope to make them a lifelong member of our family.

Nanny position open beginning mid-July for a family in Palms/Mar Vista (Los Angeles, CA). 3 boys, ages 11, 6, and 3. Must drive for school/activity pick ups/drop offs. Wed-Saturday, hours negotiable (possibly negotiable on days). MUST have a background in RIE and/or extensive understanding of Visible Child. ( Please do not apply if you do not have knowledge of, and experience implementing at least one; preference given to VC given the ages of the children). Bonus points if you are familiar with any of the works of: Ross Greene, Dr. Dan Siegel, Alison Gopnik, etc. Extra consideration given to former preschool or early ed teachers who may have lost jobs during the pandemic. Must be excited and enthusiastic about child development (and willing to talk to mom about it ad nauseum!) . Primarily child care only-some basic clean up of child-used spaces and dishes/laundry, but no significant house cleaning. All taxes covered, paid sick and personal days, paid holidays, $25/hr net pay (non-negotiable-this is the family's upper limit, but please not that this is NET, and because we cover all taxes, it comes closer to $30+ an hour gross pay). Family can provide excellent references from past nannies (this is an opening due to a family event/ moving out of state for the current nanny, and everyone's heart is breaking about the loss).

*COVID vaccines and proof required, as husband is an immunocompromised post-transplant cancer patient.

*must not be allergic to animals, as both cats and dogs are in the house

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Wed–Sat 10:00AM – 8:00PM

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Driver’s License
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Like many people we have both been working from home during the pandemic, but it is looking like we will both be returning to work around the time that our baby is due. Jon is a software engineer at Apple in Culver City and Kailey is a Commercial Production Manager which takes her all over the city. Jon’s working hours are pretty regular and flexible, Kailey’s schedule fluctuates from month to month as the jobs that she works on change. Because of this, there may be some days of the week where we will not require nanny care as kailey will be able to be home with the baby and not be working.

While we can’t claim to have a parenting style quite yet, we do have some plans for what we want and definitely need our group to be on the same page. We would like a nanny that is bright and easy going with the children, we believe that lots of interaction with our baby is a must throughout the day. We also want our baby to stick to her napping/feeding schedule at all times, so having someone that is dedicated to keeping to a schedule will be a requirement for us. If you already have someone in mind, we will need to have our own in person interview and perform background checks so we know that our child is in good hands. If you have not yet identified a nanny we would be happy to go through this process with you!
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