The Trevor Family - Hiring in Portland
The Trevor Family - Hiring in Portland

Part-Time Nanny Job: The Trevor Family with 2 Children

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2 year old girl
4 year old boy
A little bit about us…Hello , my kids are seamus 4 and isabo 2 , they are both tenacious and highly active, will probably need a meet and greet before actual care. We do have pets a dog and cat that would need fed and let out , looking for someone to look after our kids so my wife and I can start having date nights again.

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Fri 6:00PM – 10:00PM

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Driver’s License
First Aid
Fluent Languages
Meal prep
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Warehouse coordinator I work swing shift. Devon is a busy little boy and gets into just about everything and is FAST. He loves singing his ABC's and is obsessed with cheese. But is a picky eater. I just need someone to watch him from when I need to go to work and his Father to come home.
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Very flexible on days but need consistency for parents who work a couple days in the office. Would love someone who likes walks and can keep up with an active little boy who is sweet and curious. We have a very calm household.
The H Family - Hiring in Portland

Full-Time Nanny Job: The H Family with 2 Children


Lovely family in Portland, OR is looking for an AMAZING assistant to help with their 2 kids and home! This position requires plenty of flexibility, someone who is extremely reliable and can think on their feet!

Training mid-September to start Full Time beginning of October 2022

The ideal candidate will have the following qualities:
•Extremely responsible and reliable
•Flexible and adaptable (Occasional late weekday evenings until 8:30pm, 0-10 hours between Saturday and Sunday)
•Strong but soft personality is best, someone who is a friend to the kids but also a parent teaching good habits
•Highly organized
•Someone who is looking for a long-term commitment!

CHILDCARE Responsibilities:
•7:00am - breakfast and take to school
•3:00pm pick up from school
•Full days with kids when they are sick and off school
•Keeping up with active lifestyle a plus
•Any art background or interest in art a major plus
•Parents will be home by 6pm though there might be an occasional late weekday evening(s) until 8:30pm

HOME Responsibilities:
•5,000sq ft. 4-story, 115 year old home that requires maintenance
•Manage contractors: landscaping, cleaners, general contractor
•Fix small problems directly (light bulbs)
•Maintain water in spa
•Art studio supplies
•Wash and fold laundry (family will put away)
•Put away groceries when delivered
•Sporadic cleaning/frequent tidying
•Various one-off tasks
•Comfort with tools and solving problems a major plus

PERSONAL/WORK Responsibilities:
•Anything that helps parents get more done in a day is a plus
•Exploring/researching/investigating anything that helps take the guess work out of decision making
•Pinch hitting (fire fighting)

Pay is flexible depending on experience, we look forward to your application!
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Full-Time Nanny Job: The Hamilton Family with 1 Child

New to Portland family needs a full-time nanny for our 1-year-old daughter M-F 9am-5p with some flexibility depending on nap schedule and our work schedule. We've been lucky enough to have our mothers (Oma and Grammy) help with childcare while we both work from home, but with our move to Portland that is sadly changing. We're still working from home, but no more Grandmother childcare. Meal prep for our daughter and some light housekeeping would be appreciated. Must also be comfortable with pets, we have a 8-year-old rescue dog. We are pretty relaxed parents and feel like fun, exploration, and silliness are the most important activities at her age. I work for a children's toy company so there are lots of toys in our home and with Mt. Tabor Park across the street we just expect lots of fun and exploration.
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Looking for a live-in nanny for 6 months to help take care of a 2 year old and a new born, starting in January 2023. Legend, our older son, is ready to learn and we’re looking for a structured approach to keeping his curiosity, emotional intelligence, and intellect challenged and growing in the right direction. Also some help with Rumi, our new born son, as necessary. Normal help with postpartum would be also needed.

Normal expectations with respect to helping with nanny related cleaning and cooking. Focus is on the kids.

Will provide room and board, which includes beautiful private 1 bedroom 1 bath apartment minus a kitchen (but access to our).
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Full-Time Nanny Job: The Flynn-Purvis Family with 1 Child

I am a school social worker at a middle school and am looking for a nanny for my 5 month old baby starting in September! I am looking for car from 7am-3:30.

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