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San Francisco, CA Child Care

Cj S. - Seeking Work in San Francisco

Hourly rate22.85 / hour
Hours (full-time or not)Full-time hours

Objective- To provide excellent care for children in the home and form a long lasting, trusting relationship with a family while keeping the children safe, entertained and mentally stimulated. 1999-2002- SF CA Provided nanny services for 9 week old twin boys named Aiden and Charles from 7:30am to 5:30pm daily with some babysitting on date nights and long work days. My duties included light housekeeping, all feedings, doing dishes, laundry and household errands. I took the boys for walks and bathed them. I cleaned the common areas after playtime and supervised nap time and play dates with other children. I made organic baby food for the boys and I went on trips with the family when asked. I baby proofed the home with the help of the parents to make sure the boys were safe when roaming as they do when they realize they can get around all by themselves which is such an exciting time. We went to the park and enjoyed nature, learning about animals and plant life, which were some of their favorite outings 2003-2005- Vallejo CA Provided nanny services for one 4 month old boy named Alex from 6am to 7pm daily. I did laundry, light cooking for Alex, occasional grocery shopping for the family and organized play dates with other children from the neighborhood. I was in charge of all feeding times during the day and supervised nap time and took walks with the baby. I took him Dr. appointments and made sure his crib and nursery were clean at all times. They were a vegetarian family so I cooked accordingly for the family dinners and snacks for Alex during the day. I read to him, played games and did special art projects weekly. We went to the Aquarium together as well as other outings as he grew older and I introduced him to things such as baby gym and yoga, being gentle with the dogs and other children, drawing, painting, singing and other creative expression. I also took care of their two dogs during the day, including walks, picking up after, feedings and vet appointments. I spent time working with Alex and his parents potty training him. This family was very easy going and we had an open relationship and weekly meetings to keep us all informed of things to work on and things that were working very well which I think was a very good way to communicate. 2006-2008 Richmond CA Provided nanny services for her 8 year old son Jeff Jr. Monday through Friday 7am to 6pm and weekend evenings as a babysitter. He was in school during the day so I used that time to clean and do errands and prepare lunches and laundry among other things. I drove him to and from school as well as participated in carpool duty. I took him to football lessons and helped with homework and other school projects. I prepared breakfast and his after school snacks and cooked with him, which he enjoyed. We did arts and crafts and went to the park often. I was responsible for cleaning his room in the mornings, doing laundry and changing the linens weekly. I provided some first aid if he was injured from play or sports and we took trips to the museum, the rose garden, the pool and the San Francisco Aquarium. He is a bright young man with wonderful manners and respect and I enjoyed working with this family very much. 2008-2010 SF CA Provided nanny services for 4 month old twin girls Audrey and Coleen from 6:45am to 7:00pm Monday through Friday. I was home with the girls for most of the day, however we went on walks and to the park to meet other people with children in the area. I did household chores like folding laundry, handling any home business by making phone calls or making changes to the daily schedule for the home. I was responsible for light housework as it pertained to the girls and bath time as well. I took them to Dr. appointments and swim lessons when they became older. All laundry was a part of my responsibility and keeping the car clean if I used it. I did grocery shopping and I cooked a meal for the family once a week on Friday. I also did whatever else needed to be done to keep the home clean and safe. I didn’t really have a “job description” and did what needed to be done as I got to know the home and how they liked to have it maintained. They were very kind to me and accepted me as part of their family, which felt wonderful and made the work place feel more like a home. I became very attached to the girls and their Mothers during my time with them.
Ampika Y. - Seeking Work in San Francisco

Hourly rate11.44 / hour
Hours (full-time or not)Full-time hours

I have experience as Au pair for 3 years. I lives in North Berkeley Hills California, a beautiful part of the East Bay, just 30 minutes away from San Francisco via car or metro. I have a large private, downstairs room with bathroom and separate entrance. There are Four people in the family, Chandra, Scott, Tara, and little boy Tejas. I love taking care of children. I took care 2 kids, 11 and 3 years old. They are so cute and good. My host family they are both teach yoga and Scott, First time when i came here Tejas was little baby just 8 weeks and Tara was 8 years old. I prepare them for school in the morning, prepare breakfast, snack and make lunch packs for both kids. Doing child oriented errands such as drop and picking them up from school (take the boy to the kindergarten). I am cooked and prepare healthy meals (everything is organic), particularly dinners. I am cleaning, do laundry for the kids (fold and organized). Sometimes helping her to do homework. We do many activities, go to the park, go for walk, ride a bicycle, swimming at the pool. likes to play a games very much and able to play any games type, jump on trampoline(their favorite), sing a songs(Thai&English), craft, drawing and painting. I preparing dinner and I also participates in the family’s special events such as birthdays and family parties. And I also do some house works too (change sheet, make a bed,vacuum, sweep, mop). Bathing, changing clothes(help him to do), and assist in bed time (tell a story, singing, putting him to bed). When the little boy was baby I had to have changing diaper, feeding, changing clothes, teach him how to speak, to eat, to walk, to crawl, And massage, Etc. Childcare experience, • I have nephews and nieces of my cousins. I sometime help their parents to taking care. • I have trained at a Daycare Nursery of Thailand for 600 hours. This nursery is standard of Education Ministry. I got a certificated too. There are many children which their age is between a month – 4 years old. I have learnt and practiced in; -CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and First Aid -Recreation and music for children -How to take care children and preparing nutrition -Taking temperature by thermometer -Cleaning infants -The cradle technique -Preparing bottle, feeding bottle and testing milk, and keeping bottle clean -Changing diaper -Playing with children and putting them to bed Besides, I have observed the children development since the first day of my training. -I have trained at Babies Genius for a month. The Babies Genius is school for 6 months – 6 years old. It has activities to develop the children about the self-confident and self-extreme. There are teachers from the USA and Philippine who teach an English. There are teachers from Taiwan to teach Chinese. And every teachers teach arts, sing a song and another activities together which I participated every activities.
Azehria D. - Seeking Work in San Francisco

Hourly rate20.00 / hour

Please see resume
Jocelyn K. - Seeking Work in San Francisco

Hourly rate17.14 / hour

I grew up in Dallas, Texas and always babysat for families around my neighborhood throughout high school. I moved to Norman, Oklahoma to attend college and pursued my degree in Early Childhood Education. In Oklahoma I : Worked part time as a Teachers Assistant in a 2/3 year old classroom at a preschool Did a year of student teaching in a Pre-K class a Norman County Public School Babysit frequently for a family with a 6 year old little boy and 11 year old girl I transferred schools in 2009 and moved to Orange County, CA. I earned my Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education in 2011. While doing that I: Worked as after school nanny for 2 little girls in Huntington Beach, ages 5 and 7, helped with homework, planned fun activities, played games, arts and crafts, fun girl stuff, etc. Worked as a Special needs nanny for a 4 year old little boy who had autism, and was also born blind. We worked on sensory and motor skills, along with individualized plans doctors and therapists had assigned to him. Drove to appointments, parks, etc. Also worked as a Lead teacher part-time at a Pre-school for the 3/4 year old classroom. In charge of a class of 12, lesson plans, activities, naps, etc. I just moved to San Francisco and was so sad to leave my class, however needed to be closer to family in San Francisco. There I taught the 5 year old pre school class at a Christian school in Hemet.
Elizabeth N. - Seeking Work in San Francisco

Hourly rate14.28 / hour

As the oldest kid in my small, South Lake Tahoe, CA neighborhood I was on nearly every call list of every house with children under 13 within a five or six block radius. I worked for many family's off and on as a babysitter for most of my formative years, and even transitioned into nannying some summers for a few family's, including a family with two sets of twins. I would take the kids on day trips, provide stimulating and fun projects and activities, make their meals, do laundry and basic clean-up around the house. I was fortunate enough to be brought along on one family's week long vacation/business trip to San Francisco when I was 16 and the extended stay and exploration of this fantastic city with their two children was actually what compelled me to move here. I'm capable, intelligent, level-headed and patient. I also possess what most parents have told me is a god-send; common sense. I'm the oldest of six, so being a big sister and a total nurturer come naturally to me. I'm kind, honest and, above all else, great with kids and genuinely care for both the children and the families I work with.
Twonisha B. - Seeking Work in San Francisco

Hourly rate22.85 / hour
Hours (full-time or not)Full-time hours

I love working with children; their inquisitive attitudes and loads of energy make them a joy to be around. I am responsible and dependable, but also fun and energetic. I studied Child Development and I am currently going to school part-time once a week to stay up-to-date. I am also up-to-date with CPR and infant and child First Aid certifications. With me, your children will have fun, playing and learning rather than just sitting in front of a television set. I have 10 years of experience, but only 7 were paid the first 3 years. I took care of my niece and nephews as part of me getting into the feel of becoming a nanny. My first paid babysitting job was with one family for 5 years taking care of 3-week-old twins until they were 5 years old. I have experience and I am comfortable with newborns to young teens; my specialty is infants to age 10. I also have experience with special needs children who were autistic, developmentally delayed, and had physical limitations, ADD, ADHD, type 1 & 2 diabetes, asthma and food allergies. My hobbies include singing, dancing, writing, and reading. Learning through exploration, art, reading, nature, and outdoor observations offers children a rich experience. I believe my job as a nanny is to teach children how to become independent and responsible all the while letting them be children and have fun. Nurturing each child's interests helps them become strong solid people who respect themselves, and I stand behind this 100%
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