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Chicago, IL Child Care

Erin M. - Seeking Work in Chicago

Hourly rate20.00 / hour

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Teaching and Nanny 6 years and counting NANNY, EVNASTON, IL (JAN 2014-PRESENT) • Able to arrange appropriate educational and physical activities for two different aged children simultaneously • Dedicated and careful—high level of accuracy and attention to detail in regards to their developmental and physical well-being • Understand child development in order to implement specific behavior management dependent upon ages • Keep a nanny log and updating parents throughout the day • Support the daily routines of the family xx School, Naperville, IL (2010 to 2014) xx supports the ongoing training of our teachers by providing regional classes each quarter as well as on-site training by Corporate Representatives. xx training has been approved as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). They believe in an effective curriculum is research based and incorporates a variety of educational theories while embracing the whole child and allowing for hands on experiential learning. • I worked as the Head teacher of the Pre-Kindergarten room ages 4-5 (May 2012- January 2014) • I worked as the Head Teacher of the Pre-Toddler Room, ages 18-24 months. (March 2010- May 2012) • Wrote weekly lesson plans, which pertained to Illinois State Education Requirements. • Facilitated effective and comprehendible parent-teacher conferences. • Conducted an ongoing portfolio regarding, social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth using several tools such as Children’s Progress Academic Assessment (CPAA) and Goddard University Developmental Standards • Conducted ongoing responsibilities as the director designee, which included overseeing the school if the director or assistant director were not present. • Implemented a developmentally appropriate environment in which children developed personal relationships, experimented, made choices, solved problems, and developed age-appropriate social and self-help skills xx, Chicago, IL (Jan 2010-Aug 2010) A leader in services for individuals with developmental disabilities and mental illness, Neumann Family Services focuses on helping each person achieve their potential. • I worked as a Direct Service Professional in the Mental Health department ages 18 and above. • Supervised and monitored individuals with mental and physical disabilities. • Assisted individuals to maintain independent living skills. • Provided leadership in planning and supervising recreational and leisure activities. • Met yearly training requirements in accordance with applicable Federal, State, and local standards Daycare Center, Chicago, IL (Sept 2008-Dec 2009) xx Daycare believes that children thrive best when provided a safe and nurturing environment that encourages exploration and creativity as well as recognizing that children learn best when surrounded by caregivers who are sensitive to the needs of each child, well educated, and highly experienced. It was also important for each unique child to deserve to feel loved, cared for, and respected. • Worked as the Head infant room teacher, ages 6 weeks to 15 months. • Developed creative curriculums and individual lesson plans. • Integrated effective classroom teaching to children of different abilities • Recognized strengths and weaknesses of individual children in order to plan effective activities • Encouraged intellectual growth by providing a positive role model Babysitting experience: 10 years and counting Susan/ Dan Rheume: -I was referred to them by the Borden’s, which are children in my class at the Goddard School. These children are 3 and 6. I occasionally babysit them, usually at night time. My primary responsibility is to ensure that the kids are taken care of, feeding dinner, make sure the older sibiling’s homework is done and to participate in educational fun play. xx: -This is a family from the xx School. I have been babysitting these children since they were born. I had their oldest son, who is 4 years old in my pre-toddler class and again in my now, Pre-K class! I babysit them occasionally and usually on the weekend when the parents want a night out. Patrick is 4 and Julia is 1.5. My primary responsibilities are to ensure that they are stimulated, not by the television and engage in fun imaginative play. xx: -This family is also from the xx School. The children are 3 and 1. I have also been babysitting these children since they were born. I had their oldest daughter in my pre-toddler class. I usually babysit them occasionally and it’s usually on a Saturday from about 9-7. My primary responsibilities is to feed them breakfast, lunch and dinner, put them down for naps and also play with them and just let them be kids! xx: - When I started nannying for the xx in 2002 there was a 10 year old girl named Megan and 8 year old boy named Matt. During the school year I was there M-F from about 3:00- 6:30ish. My responsibilities were to make sure they did their homework, made them dinner and to be a positive role model for them. I was an all-around helper for their family: cooking, cleaning, running errands, helping out with the dog and whatever they asked me to do. However, during the summer I was there M-F from about 8-6:30. I would take them to the pool, bowling, movies and also dentist appointments, doctor appointments, shopping, over to friends’ houses and etc. The parents were also sometimes required to travel for their job and I would stay at their house for up to a week at a time. I stopped nannying for them in 2007 because the kids were getting older and more independent. However, I do still keep in contact with them! xx: - I started babysitting for the xx in 2005 when the children were born. They are triplets, 2 girls and a boy, Ava, Ellie and Andrew. They are now 5 years old and very active. Lisa is a stay-at-home mom, so when I come over to help her it is because she needs a helping hand or even a break. I do not babysit for them on a regular basis, it is just whenever she needs me. Even though it was never required of me, I would help her by cleaning the house (mostly the kitchen and playroom) because we all know how triplets can be messy! I am a helping hand to Lisa and also a loving, caring, role model to the 3 children at the same time. xx (non-relative): - I started babysitting for the xx in 2009. They have a 2 year old girl named Tessa and a 5 year old boy named Owen with Cerebral Palsy and Spina Bifida. I would nanny for this family every Friday from 8-8. I would nanny Tessa from 8-3 (feed her breakfast, get her dressed, change her diaper, take her to the park, feed her lunch, engage her in developmental activities), then Owen came home from school and I would feed them both snack, take them to the park, play educational games, take them outside to draw on the sidewalk, bake cookies and lots and lots more of exciting and stimulating activities. Owen required a lot more attention and aide so it was a difficult balance but it made me learn time management and prioritizing tasks. I also was responsible for putting them to bed, reading them stories, and making sure that the routine is in accordance with their parents. They are a wonderful family and still keep in contact with them as well. xx: - I started babysitting for the xx in 2010. They have a 5 year old girl named Carly and a 3 year old girl named Ashley. I mostly babysit for them on the weekends usually at night. What I primarily am responsible for is feeding them dinner, having a little playtime after dinner then putting them to bed. They are wonderful energetic children and their eyes just light up when they see me come through the door. xx: - Every Monday I babysit this family for the past couple of months. xx children were in my class at Goddard School and wanted me to do some occasional babysitting. The children are 2 and 4. They are fun energetic and I love spending time with them. It feels good to know that I have formed a good relationship with the children at my school’s family and to know that they want me to be more involved in their children’s development.
Haley M. - Seeking Work in Chicago

Hourly rate22.85 / hour
Hours (full-time or not)Full-time hours

I have been nannying for 9+ years, and I have a degree in Early Childhood Education from a 4-year institution. Details below: I started watching my younger siblings at an early age & began officially nannying for multiple families as soon as I could drive my own car at the age of 16. My job throughout high school was nannying for multiple families weekday evenings, weekends, and full time in the summers. At the age of 18, I started doing overnight nannying jobs as well. While obtaining my degree in Early Childhood Education in college, I nannied for multiple families during the school year on weekdays and weekends. In the summer months, I again nannied full time. In order to complete my degree, I had to observe and intern in several different classrooms during the school year. I have personal experience in Pre-K through 4th grade classrooms. I was on the Dean's List all eight semesters of my college career while obtaining this degree. I am confident in my teaching abilities and have experience with leading a classroom, lesson planning, reading groups, tutoring, etc. Post college, I began working with a company owned by one of the families I nanny for. Childcare is involved, but is not the primary role. I am not currently using my degree in teaching because I was offered this position immediately upon graduation. However, I do value my degree in Early Childhood Education and have an interest in teaching at some point in the future. Outside of my full time job, I still regularly nanny. My families will occasionally need me on weekday evenings, but they most frequently use me for weekend evenings or overnight weekends. Seeing as I have become very personally invested in the families I care for, I consider myself a unit of the families as well. I have a core group of five families (same five families since high school) with whom I am their priority nanny and their only overnight nanny. I have cared for multiple families outside of my five core families, but these are my regular, consistent jobs. I have cared for children starting from the infant stage up until the age of 15. Two weeks old is the youngest I have ever cared for a child on my own with the parents out of the house. However, I have been at the hospital and at home with families starting from the day of birth of their child. Out of my core group of five families, one family has two children, three families have three children, and one family has four children. I often do joint nannying jobs as well, so I have had up to 12 children under my supervision at one time. In the classroom though, I had up to 25 children under my supervision at one time. I have also traveled to Haiti twice in the last 18 months and worked in numerous orphanages. A language barrier was present, but the amount of love I felt for those children was astounding.
Nicole E. - Seeking Work in Chicago

Hourly rate17.14 / hour
Hours (full-time or not)Full-time hours

I've always had an affinity for children: a mothering nature, a kind and giving heart. I watched and played with younger children since I was around 7 and started babysitting at 10 years old. I didn't do it for the money, I've always wanted to help people and had fun with children. I learned while serving in my church's Childrens Ministry from the age of 14 that children need to know we care for them and are here to help them and keep them safe. I've been working in Childrens Ministries at different churches for over 10 years now and have become convinced that childcare is my path in life. At church, I've taught Bible Studies and led children singing in choir. I've also worked with special needs kids and prepared Life Learning Lessons that teach children different values such as compassion, gratitude and thoughtfulness. Each Lesson centers around a value, has a memory verse and incorporates reading, writing and drama. I love teaching children these Lessons knowing their lives will be enriched because of it. Each week, we ask children to choose a goal related to the Lesson they will practice that week. If the Lesson is gratitude, children might choose to write thank-you letters to their parents for all they do for them. At church, I've also served as a Junior High Mentor and become involved in the lives of many girls, being there for them in the difficult adjustment period between child and adult. Many of them still call me to this day and I'm able to advise them and encourage them as they pursue their talents and goals in life. I've spent over 150 hours observing in Chicago Public Schools as a requirement for my teacher training program at Roosevelt University. I've observed regular ed, special ed, science and literacy classrooms. I've taught many lessons and tutored many students. I like to find innovative ways to reach children and creative activities that stimulate them. As a nanny, I've worked with all different types of children: different socioeconomic backgrounds, twins, adopted or foster children, special needs, infants and toddlers, school-age children, single-parented children, cognitive delayed children, children with emotional/behavioral issues, different religions and gifted children. They all have special talents, things that make them unique and they are all smart in their own way. I do my best to reach each child and make them feel special by providing opportunities for them to succeed. I like incorporate movement into my activity plans and opportunities for discovery for children. Instead of hiding toys around the house for them to find, I might hide note cards that either have a word ending or beginning. When they've found all the cards, they have to match up the words and create a sentence using the cards. Then they can decorate the cards with markers and glitter and post the sentence on their wall. I like to innovate ideas like these or use websites such as or teaching websites for lesson ideas and printouts. Children playing video games or watching TV all day is not what parents want and makes me sad. I'd much rather be having fun playing sports outside, cooking and baking together, acting out a book as if it were a play, setting up a face painting table on the drive way and painting kids faces on the block or making a make-shift boat out of twine and moving boxes and pretending we're pirates at sea. I don't nanny because I have anything to gain from children. I nanny because I have much care and compassion to give them. I have gained the world from them: they are fun, special, caring, hilarious, interesting and have a lot to teach us.
Kelly S. - Seeking Work in Chicago

Hourly rate11.42 / hour

Hi there! I believe I am the nanny you are looking for! For the past 7 years I have been a nanny for 3 loving families. First, for 4 ½ years for kids ages 3,2, & 1. Then Another family for almost 2 years: Newborn twins and a 3 year old. And most recently, the last 6 months: for 2 lovely girls- 9 and 11. Both very active in dance, gymnastics, sports, games, cooking and play time. Currently, I am open to full or part time work, as I am also a professional children’s dance instructor/choreographer in Chicago, on Thursday’s and Saturday’s. I teach ages 2 through teen in Tap, Ballet and Jazz. I love all things music, dance, tutu’s, wands, dress up, etc. I've been at the same Dance studio for over 8 years, and I am very loyal to all of my employers. I currently reside in the Ravenswood/Lincoln Square area with my Husband. I earned my BFA from Millikin University (Decatur, IL.) in Musical Theatre, with a double minor in Dance & Creative Writing. I come from a big family; my mom also had another baby when I was 16 years old, so you can say I’ve been a little “mother” type since I was very young. My little brother and sister and I are still very close now. I am very comfortable with kids and excellent with newborns as well. I am CPR Certified. I have twin experience, and I know all of the "tricks" for keeping kids happy & comforted. I have experience with sleep training, feeding schedules and making fresh-made baby food. I am extremely punctual, and I have my own new car: very reliable. On the days I am with you- my schedule is flexible. I would love to come in for an interview and see if we could be a good fit. I can provide a nurturing, safe, active and a fun environment, with loving authority for your household. I have a very active imagination. I am creative, and love to read, sing and dance. I have no problems helping with meals—I am a very good cook, and no problem caring for pets. I am very crafty and hands-on. I have wholesome values and a very positive attitude. I am a non-smoker, great driving record. I keep a clean, and organized house and schedule. I am looking for a Full or part time position on the North Side. I also have references upon request. I am available ASAP, and I am looking for about 25-35 hours a week. My rate is $16 an hour (for 1 child), as an experienced nanny in the city. Please consider me as a nanny for your family’s needs. Thank you, Kelly
Victoria N. - Seeking Work in Chicago

Hourly rate22.85 / hour

I've had the pleasure of being a nanny to three different families. First, to a family for 7 months before leaving for college. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of caring for their four children; ages 13, 10, 7, and 3. I also nannied for a family in Las Vegas for 3 months, caring for their 9 year old triplets, two of whom had autism. I just finished my third year of nannying for my first live in position for the sweet little girl Madeline. I cared for her from the ages of 5-8 and enjoyed many tea parties, movie nights, slumber parties, making flower wreaths, baking, reading, going to the park, rollerskating, walking the dog (Anna), and lots of arts and crafts. I have to say that for her age, Madeline is an amazing artist!
Natalie C. - Seeking Work in Chicago

Hourly rate22.85 / hour

Hi everyone! I am a 24-year-old female, with a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Development from the University of Illinois at Champaign- Urbana. I am currently in school part-time at the University of Illinois- Chicago working towards receiving my masters degree in Child & Family Social Work. I am an outgoing and friendly person who loves being around children! I have always known that I wanted to work with children of varying ages, and working as a nanny is a great way for me to achieve that. I am comfortable caring for children of all ages, from newborn to school age. I have been babysitting consistently since 15-years-old. I have worked as a nanny for the last 4 years. Currently, I nanny for a family of 3 boys (a 3-month-old, 3-year-old, and 6-year-old. I also bring my own 3 year old with me daily and have since I began with the family. I have been with them the last 2 years and will be devastated for the position to end! Unfortunately the family needs more full-time help with. Before that, I cared for a 4-year-old girl and 7-year-old boy for 2 years while receiving my bachelor's degree in Champaign. I have worked in infant, toddler, and preschool classrooms at the University of Illinois, church day cares, and have volunteered at a preschool and kindergarten in Western Springs for a year. I love children and am very happy spending my days taking care of little ones! I enjoy doing many activities with the children I care for including crafts, activities outdoors, museum and zoo trips, baking, and swimming! Our days together are typically spent reading, painting, doing crafts, baking, playing sports and other games outdoors, going on trips to museums, the zoo, the library, the park, or the pool. Additionally, I have a 3-year-old son of my own, which provides more experience than any job ever could! I am a very loving mom who is able to utilize the extensive developmental and educational knowledge I have gained from my work and university experience to make the best environment for my child to grow in. I would love to provide that same caring and developmentally appropriate environment for your child or children. I love working with children and implementing all the valuable lessons I have learned to make fun and educational activities and outings for the children I care for. I am not a caregiver who will just plop your children in front of the television! I love being active, swimming, playing outdoors, doing craft projects, and playing games with the children I care for. I believe I have a great balance between implementing proper discipline and rules with fun. I am very silly, carefree, and lighthearted with kids. I really think it Is so very important to let your guard down and have fun when caring for children! My professional resume, references, and background check are available at your request. I hope to hear from you soon!
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