What Are Typical Nanny Benefits And Why Should You Offer Them

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You've found a great nanny candidate. You want to seal the deal. 

Most families plan for their nanny’s hourly rate. But are you planning for nanny benefits and perks?

What are nanny benefits?

Nanny benefits are perks, in addition to a nanny’s salary that make up their compensation. Like any employee, your nanny expects benefits. 

Why offer nanny benefits

Offering your nanny benefits keeps your job competitive, so you hire the nanny of your choice. 

  • Remember that nannies are professionals. And as professionals, nannies expect standard employment benefits with their job. 
  • Stand out from other nanny jobs. Attract more experienced candidates. Show candidates you value their work and are willing to compensate them accordingly.
  • Keep your nanny satisfied. Create incentives for nannies to stay with your family for a long time.

Let’s start with typical nanny benefits 

No matter where you are in the hiring process, learning about nanny benefits builds your confidence as an employer.

These are the benefits that most nanny jobs provide:

  • Guaranteed hours and overtime. Plans change. Sometimes, you send your nanny home early. With guaranteed pay, your nanny knows that they can cover their bills no matter what comes up. And when they need to stay late and cancel their own plans, they’ll get paid overtime.
  • Sick days. Nannies get sick too. Paid or unpaid, sick days give them the ability to take time to recover without extra stress. Depending on your state, you may be required to cover a specific amount of sick days per year.
  • Paid time off. Provide your nanny with 1-2 weeks of paid vacation per year. This way they don't need to choose between resting or spending time with their family and work. It’s important to note that this vacation time does not include paid holidays (for example, New Year’s). 
  • Paid holidays. Your nanny works hard for your family. Give them paid holidays off to let them know you value their family time. Paid federal holidays are the minimum. If you can, give them the day off with pay, or if they need to work, pay them time and a half. 
  • Health Insurance Reimbursement. Give your nanny peace of mind by covering health insurance costs. Your nanny is an important part of your family and you want them to be healthy. By covering these costs, they’re able to take care of themselves, so that they can continue to take care of your family.

How do you decide what benefits you should offer?

When choosing what nanny benefits to include in your job, consider your budget, your job requirements, as well as your nanny’s education and experience. 

Benefits for nannies that commute

  • Commuting costs. Whether they are a part-time nanny or full-time, ease their commute with a bus pass or mileage reimbursement.
  • Cell phone bill reimbursement. Do you expect your nanny to keep in touch with you throughout the day? Sending pictures, texts, and making calls add up. Pay for all or some of their cell phone bills.

Benefits for nannies that drive:

  • Mileage or gas reimbursements. Are pick-up and drop-offs included in their job requirements? Be sure to cover mileage or gas reimbursements. 
  • Parking expenses. Does your nanny drive to work or need to park while the kids are at different activities? Cover their parking expenses.

Benefits for live-in nannies

A live-in nanny comes with natural benefits. They don't pay for lodging expenses, and you gain another in-house family member. Keep them entertained in their down-time by giving them access to your wifi, cable, or a streaming service like Netflix.

Benefits for ongoing training:

  • Cover certification costs. Grow your nanny professionally with first aid and child development training like the  Nanny Institute. They’re also an investment in the safety and care of your children.
  • Textbook stipend or reimbursements. Is your nanny a student? Show your nanny your support for their education.

Annual bonuses:

A typical annual or holiday bonus for a nanny is one or two weeks of pay. Find a balance between your budget and their time and dedication. 

Gifts of appreciation 

Get creative. Give them a gift card to their favorite coffee shop or a membership to the gym across from your children’s after-school activity. Let them know how much you appreciate them.

Managing the details

Are you ready to make a nanny job offer to your top nanny candidate? Use a nanny contract to clarify all the responsibilities and benefits.

When you’re ready to start managing their benefits, payroll, and taxes, Nanny Lane’s payroll service keeps it simple for you.

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