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After School Care as an Alternative to a Part-Time Nanny

If your children are school-aged, it may be worth your while to consider after school care as an alternative to a part-time nanny. As of 2001, there were after school care programs in 67 percent of U.S. schools.

Studies have shown numerous benefits to after school care programs. According to the Nellie Mae Educational Foundation, after school care programs are successful from an educational standpoint as well as a social standpoint. The children tend to attend school more regularly, they complete their homework assignments, they perform better in school, they cultivate good interpersonal skills, and they end up attending college.

The studies also show that in particular, fourth and fifth graders who attend after school care programs adjust better emotionally and have better work habits.

If you’re trying to decide whether part-time nanny care is the ideal answer to your family’s childcare needs, keep in mind that just as there are many advantages, there are some disadvantages. Here are a few tricky situations you have to navigate through when choosing part-time nanny care.

  • Part-time nanny care may be more difficult to find. Many nannies are looking for full-time hours and it can require more work to find a nanny who wants part-time hours. If you’re keen on part-time nanny care, try to structure your childcare needs in a way that allows the nanny to work out hours with another family, go to school or find another job.
  • It can require more work to coordinate a nanny share situation with another parent. If you’ve decided on part-time nanny care and are giving your nanny full-time hours by sharing her with another parent, expect a little compromise to make the situation work. You have to be able to find a nanny that you both like, as well as agree on a split schedule that works for both parties.

Pay Rate for Part-Time Nannies

The pay rate for part-time nannies varies based on a number of factors. These factors include whether the part-time nannies are live-in or live-out, what geographical region they’re in, the amount of experience they have, and the total amount of hours they work. The International Nanny Association conducts an annual salary survey that includes pay rate results from part-time nannies.

These figures are results from the 2006 survey. The survey found that part-time live-in nannies who live in the Pacific region of the United States made the highest salaries, bringing in an average pay check of just over $500 per week. Part-time nannies who are live-out from the New England area made an average of about $475 per week. Live-in part-time nannies from the mid-Atlantic area made the least in the category with an average of just over $400 per week. The lowest wages of live-out part-time nannies went to the Mountain area with a salary of about $375 per week.

Three Situations Where Part-Time Nannies Are Ideal

Sometimes hiring a full-time nanny isn’t necessary. Part-time nannies make an ideal solution where one- on-one childcare is important, but a full-time schedule is not. If you’re contemplating whether part-time nannies could be right for your family, here are three ideal situations for part-time childcare help.

  1. Part-time nannies make sense when you have a parent who works part-time hours outside of the home. Rather than paying for the cost of a full-time nanny, you can hire someone who will take care of your child only while you’re at work.
  2. Part-time nannies make ideal solutions for a stay-at-home parent who needs relief from the care of an infant or help caring for more than one child.
  3. Part-time nannies work well for a nanny-share type situation. Rather than employing a nanny full-time to only watch your child, the nanny splits her time between your family and another family. She gets full-time hours, but you only have her work for you during the hours you need.

Why College Students Can Make Great Part-Time Child Care Providers

If you’re looking for part-time child care and not interested in hiring a teen, college students can make a good alternative. Many college programs at the two-year and university level often have a number of students who are taking child education courses and are interested in providing part-time child care.

Their requirements for wages are in line with other part-time child care providers such as nannies and can range from $10 to $15 per hour. Due to the work schedule a full-time class load will permit, college students have an interest in providing childcare on an occasional basis or several hours during the week. You can contact the job placement center at your local college or check out an online nanny service, such as Nanny Lane, to post an opportunity.

Maintaining A Positive Relationship With Your Part-Time Nanny

Finding a part-time nanny that works well in your household and has availability during the hours you need can be a challenge. Once you find the right part-time nanny, the next step is keeping a positive relationship with her. In the long run, you’ll save yourself the trouble of having to find new childcare assistance.

Nannies will often leave their positions due to a lack of clear, specific information about what the job really entails. It's wise to create a written contract agreement and take the proper amount of time to find a nanny who is right for the family. These are essential components of maintaining a positive relationship.

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