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What is a Temporary Nanny Position?

A temporary nanny position is one that a nanny may fill for occasions that arise with a family. Oftentimes, a temporary nanny is registered with a nanny agency and is hired strictly to fill temporary nanny jobs for people who need them. There are times when parents know that childcare is going to be needed throughout the year, such as school breaks. During school breaks, a parent may not have childcare for a school-aged child who isn't old enough to stay home alone. These are times when a family may hire a temporary nanny.

A temporary nanny is also useful when the parents want to get away for the weekend without the kids. A temporary nanny may also be needed for a family whose full-time nanny has resigned, leaving them without childcare. There are many reasons why a temporary nanny may be used and usually with fairly short notice, a temporary nanny can be hired to do some nanny work in a home. The nanny job is considered temporary when a nanny works up to four hours in a home for two to three months or it may be a situation where they are needed for only one day.

A temporary nanny is a great position for nannies that are looking for a job that is ever-changing and for those who don't want to be in one home on a permanent basis.

What Does a Temporary Nanny Do?

As a temp nanny, you will be responsible for making sure that the children in your care have the following:

  • Healthy meals and snacks at times designated by the parents.
  • Keeping the daily routine as it was before you arrived; if you are stepping in for someone else, you must try to keep the child's daily routine as normal as possible to make the transition easy.
  • Keeping the children's clothing clean and their rooms neat. If the child is old enough, this can be a project that you do together or that you assign to the child as a chore, as long as the parent has given the okay to do so.
  • Make sure that children are transported to the places they need to be in a safe manner.

Although a temporary nanny is a short-term assignment, it is still an important job and you must be sure that you are professional and responsible in order to build a good reputation as a temporary nanny.

Where to Find Temporary Nanny Positions

Have you been looking for a temporary nanny job? Are you wondering if there are places that specialize in placing temporary nanny positions? Check NannyLane.com to find positions available where you live.

An online nanny agency, like NannyLane.com, specializes in placing nannies on a temporary basis. When you fill out your online profile, be specific about your schedule and specify whether you are looking for temporary or permanent nanny positions.

On NannyLane.com, you can also search for families that are in need of a temporary nanny. This is a pro-active way to find a nanny job. Simply search by zip code and temporary placement and see what you can find!

After the Screening Process: What to Expect

Most nanny agencies prefer that the family who is in need of temporary help give at least one week's notice when hiring a temporary nanny; this allows the agency to match the nanny skills to the family in the most appropriate way. However, there may be times when you are contacted for a temporary job that begins the next day. As a temporary nanny, be ready on short notice!

After the nanny agency has contacted you about the job, the family may get in touch with you or you will be responsible for placing a follow-up call to the family for more information and directions to the home.

Agency Requirements for a Temporary Nanny/Babysitter

If you are working with a nanny agency to be placed in a temporary nanny/babysitter job, be prepared for the following:

  • A screening process: Because you are a temporary nanny, you will not have a chance to meet each family before you accept a position. The nanny agency will call you with a job and you will start on a designated date. This means the nanny agency will conduct a thorough screening. During the screening process you will share your resume, letters of reference and a cover letter. You may be asked to have a background check completed on you. During your interview with the agency, you will share your educational history and what other childcare experience you have. If you are certified in first aid and CPR, let the agency know.
  • Two forms of identification: Bring two forms of identification to your interview. Most people want temporary nannies to be over 18 years old with some experience.

Average Temporary Nanny Rates

If you are looking for a temporary nanny job and you are going through a nanny agency to do so, you will most likely receive a pay similar to the below:

Expect to be paid about $12 per hour with a minimum of four hours at the home. If you are there overnight, you can anticipate being paid about $120 per night. You could be paid more if you are caring for more than two children. If you are caring for a very young baby, you can expect between $14 and $18 per hour.

What a Temporary Nanny Needs to Know

If you are contemplating becoming a temporary nanny, there are some things you should know beforehand. Because you are going to be placed with a family on short notice, you won't have time to meet them ahead of time. It is important to find out any information when you arrive.

You will want to ask the parents if the child is on any medication that you should know about. If the child or children need medication it will be your responsibility to make sure the child gets the proper dosage at the right times. You will want to check and make sure the child has no allergies, especially food allergies.

Make sure to also ask the family about their discipline methods and if there are any behavioral issues you should know about. These are both important because you want to make sure all adults involved in that child's life are on the same page. Consistency is key.

You will want to know if the child is allowed to watch television, how much and what channels or movies. Is the child allowed to play video games and is there a time limit on the games? If you are staying overnight with the child or responsible for putting the child to bed, you will want to know what the bedtime is and if it is enforced or a little lax.

If the parent of the child doesn't cover all of these topics, make sure as a temporary nanny that you ask them.

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