Chasity A. - Seeking Work in Houston
Chasity A. - Seeking Work in Houston

Live-In Full-Time Nanny Available in Houston, TX: Chasity A.

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A little bit about me…My name is Chasity i am afro latina. My parents are from honduras and Guatemala. I am the oldest sibling of 5. Ages [phone number hidden]
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. Handful right ?? lol i knowww !!! I am a fitness coach for Exquisite force dance team located in Yonkers New York, ages 4-18. I am currently a on-call nanny in NYC. I am looking to relocate to Houston TX for the perfect match lol. I am seeking a Full time live in postion starting ASAP. My availblity is Mon - Fri 7am - 9 pm. I am CPR/FIRST AID/INFANT /ADULT certified please feel free to contact me any time !

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Start: ASAP
Mon–Sat 7:30AM – 9:30PM
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Driver’s License
First Aid
Fluent Languages
Nov 2021 – Sep 2022 (1yrs 10mo)

Sep 2018 – Jun 2019 (1yrs 9mo)
More About Me
Relevant experience where I also cared for children were…I’m currently a on call nanny. But Im looking to resign for a family that’s a perfect match for me.
I’m interested in a Live- in full time position. Please feel free to message me at anytime. Thank you!
Activities I enjoy doing with children…Imaginary games, baking and coloring.
The most important part about being a nanny…The most is important thing about being a nanny is most definitely making sure that the kids are okay mentally. A lot of the time children tend to hide some emotions deep down when they feel like there emotions aren’t valid.
One of the most important thing to me is making sure they are comfortable enough to tell me what ever they want.
My experience with special needs children…At my current job I’ve worked wit children that has Down syndrome.
My favorite nanny moment…Doing fun Christmas activities such as baking cookies, drinking hot chocolate, watching movies, decorating our home, making our own gingerbread house. Being in the Christmas spirit is special to me!🎄
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My name's Shawn I'm a very loyal and dedicated hard worker. I'm good with kids at any age
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Hi! My name is Ashley Baker and I have been a nanny for a little over 7 years now. I absolutely love it! I have a bachelors degree in psychology which has definitely come in handy. I love the process of child development; it’s so fascinating. I would love the opportunity to meet you and see how I can be of assistance to your family!
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Hello I’m Giovana, I’m hard working girl that loves working with people especially KIDS & ELDERLY!!!! But I LOVE KIDS! I’m currently working on apps but I’m in the look for another job. I’m always on the look for new ideas to engage with kids such as painting,crafting,etc. I like to be proactive! Always ahead of the game! I am responsible ,honest & caring.
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I'm 23 years old I love kids so much. When I was little I got bullied alot because I was so quiet. I was going through alot because when I first moved down to Texas I had just lost everything house toys pet etc because of hurricane Katrina. So I was so down and kids thought I was weird. I met a kid name David and he was mentally challenged and they bullied both of us we because so close. My mom and his mom use to meet up with us for play dates. I remember the feeling like yesterday how I felt when he looked so sad from the kids bullying us. From that day on I knew I wanted to always protect kids like me and like David. Kids are so innocent and l love them they make the world go round. I just wish I could put a smile on every kid's face that feels lonely are sad.
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Hi , My name is Natasha! I grew up helping around at a my moms daycare which taught me how to have an even more special bond with the kids . I carry my moms high energy , patience and ability to make age appropriate games that are also learning blocks . My nanny experience expands from special needs , ADD / ADHD , Autism , and wheelchair assistance also babies as young as 1 month up until 12 years old . I appreciate the chance and I am excited to meet you and your family ! Thank you .
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I am a graduate student completing my thesis this fall and am looking to work part-time with a family/families to keep my mind engaged in more ways, earn additional income, and provide fantastic service to kiddos! I am CPR, AED, First Aid certified with experience in teaching pre-school age children and babysitting a variety of ages. Ideally I am looking to work 15-18 hours per week.
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I recently graduated from college and started working as a nanny after watching over my neighbors' kids when I was younger. I believe it's crucial to relate to children on their terms. That is why I strongly support active games, outdoor play, crafts, and other activities. During my time at college, I occasionally nannied on the weekends or during special occasions for families. During my gap semester, I am seeking for a part-time job with a family who wants a nanny to be a member of the team and to give reliable, loving care for their young children. I have grown passionate about developing relationships with the children I watch over.

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