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A little bit about me…Hello All!
I am a fun loving, energetic, 18yr old woman who loves kids and making people smile. I am very experienced with kids, more than the average 18yr old because I come from a larger family and have been working a full-time job since I was 12. I coached girls and boys gymnastics for 6yrs and at the same time I was a full-time nanny. While coaching gymnastics I had the amazing opportunity of coaching an all boys class and with most of the young men in that class having special needs, I got to work closely with a therapist to overcome and adapt to not only the boys struggles but my own when coaching them. I also had the wonderful opportunity of coaching boys and girls classes ranging from ages 2-16yrs and become one of the lead coaches on staff for training other coaches and helping kids one-on-one overcome obstacles that presented themselves, sometimes/most of the time my one-on-one sessions had nothing to do with gymnastics but more with life lessons in general. Such as confidence, overcoming bullying, self-worth, seeing beauty through the physical and mental pain that life gives us. I believe in empowering kids to see the good in everything because after all they are the future and if they don't see the good, who will?
A little about my past, I was raised on a farm with my 4 other siblings, 2 younger brothers and older 2 sisters. I have rescued and trained horses since I was 10yrs old and loved every minute of it. I went to school at 17yrs old for My nursing assistant certification and then went on to be a cadet for the cda fire department. I graduated from that program 6 months later and I am currently enrolled in an EMT class, which I will graduate from in Jan. of 2019 in hopes of someday going on to be a firefighter/paramedic.
I have big dreams myself so I aspire to teach kids to not only dream big but to accomplish those big dreams because our future is built on dreams and dream builders who can accomplish their dreams!
Looking For
Start: Dec 4, 2018
Age Groups
Driver’s License
First Aid
Fluent Languages
Light housekeeping
Meal prep
Special needs
Mar 2014 - Aug 2018 (4yrs 5mo)

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