Michael  D. - Seeking Work in Port Orchard
Michael  D. - Seeking Work in Port Orchard

Part-Time Available Nanny Michael in Port Orchard, WA

A little bit about me…My name is Michael dades, i am 16 and am currently in running start. I love kids and would be a positive and responsible role modle for them.
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Staci G. - Seeking Work in Port Orchard
Staci Geier
Port Orchard$12/hr  |  7 yrs experience
My name is Staci.
I currently have 4 school aged foster children. We are in the process of adopting one. I was going to school for Chemical dependency degree and decided I enjoy being a stay at home mom. I’ve been a nanny for two separate families from
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. My previous employers would be more than willing to speak with anyone about their experiences with me. I’m looking for a part time or full time nannying job during the days while my kids are in school to earn a little extra cash. I’m 28 years old, CPR certified, and I’ve taken countless hours of training for our foster care license. My husband works at PSNS. I don’t smoke, or drink, and we have no pets.