Samantha M. - Seeking Work in Seattle
Samantha M. - Seeking Work in Seattle

Full-Time Nanny Available in Seattle, WA: Samantha M.

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A little bit about me…I started working as a nanny/housekeeper for twenty five years and worked for the military families and traveled with a couple of families. I'm originally from New York City. And I choose to make Seattle,WA my home, and looking to working with a family that needs assistance and wanting to be part of family's.

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Jun 2021 – Sep 2021

She was always punctual and early for work. Willing to help others with their work. She is great with people.

*Contact information available upon request

Driver’s License
First Aid
Fluent Languages
Mar 1998 – Jun 2004 (6yrs 3mo)

Jan 2002 – Oct 2008 (7yrs 9mo)

More About Me
Relevant experience where I also cared for children were…Volunteer as a teacher assistant for a total of 3 ¹/² years also volunteer as a coach for a little league baseball for 6½ years 5 years for little league soccer
Activities I enjoy doing with children…Arts and crafts, swimming, prep cooking, science, playing in parks, fishing, camping, hiking, ferry rides,
The most important part about being a nanny…Is for me to be a reliable source and stable utensils for the child/children making the impression ultimately
My experience with special needs children…Worked with children and teens with down syndrome Cyril palsy l
Risperidone disorder.
My favorite nanny moment…Seeing my first baby I was caring for start walking
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Jyovana M. - Seeking Work in Seattle

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Amanda S. - Seeking Work in Seattle

Live-In Full-Time Nanny Available in Seattle, WA: Amanda S.

Hello! My name is Amanda 😊
This feels like I am filling out a personal add or dating profile haha. I love the beach and music. I will cook ALL the time and really like organizing and running errands.. I know that is different. I will be completely honest and let you know that I am coming back to nannying after being in the dental field for some time. I was working part time as a nanny for a few years before the pandemic but that was mostly just once a week so that we could spend time together.
I have had Covid 3 times and it was brutal. After that I just decided.. I want to do what I love. I looked back at my life and, I love being a nanny. I have taken care of babies, children, elderly people, and people with special needs and disabilities since I was 11. And that is not an exaggeration.
I am the oldest of 7 (mixed family)
I was a preschool teacher, I was a pediatric dental assistant, I’ve taken all of the first aid and cpr classes.
Ultimately though comes down to connection.
Lexi C. - Seeking Work in Seattle

Full-Time Nanny Available in Seattle, WA: Lexi C.

Hi, my name is Lexi and I'm looking for a full-time nannying job. I have taken Child Development as well as Early Childhood Education 1, 2, & 3, and studied child psychology with A's in all classes. I believe in gentle discipline/guidance and follow many Montessori methods. I'm 17 and love children, and children love me too! I'm fun, creative, caring, and mature. I graduated high school a year early with my diploma. My primary education is for children ages 3-5, but I am good with all ages. I'm moving to the Seattle area in 7 months (January 2023) and am browsing for a job within that timeframe. I will have turned 18 by then as well. Please contact me with any other questions you have, and I'll be happy to answer them!
Sofia A. - Seeking Work in Seattle

Live-In Full-Time Babysitter Available in Seattle, WA: Sofia A.

Hey my name is sofia I have 2 children one2 and have and the boy is 10 month old am experienced and well mannered nanny with honest personality so you feel Highly comfortable me to stay with kids and love to help people in need in any condition Have been working in different volunteer activities .
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Part-Time Child Care Provider Available in Seattle, WA: Tatiana O.

Hello, I live in South Lake Union and would love to find a part time nanny position nearby. I’m originally from Cleveland, studied Marketing at DePaul in Chicago and recently moved to Seattle. I love nature, educational programs, and am very attentive. Please contact me for more information. Thanks!
Kim M. - Seeking Work in Seattle

Part-Time Babysitter Available in Seattle, WA: Kim M.

I just LOVE working with the children! I have over 10 years experience and it is the BEST job I have ever had!
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Jenni S. - Seeking Work in Seattle

Full-Time Nanny Available in Seattle, WA: Jenni S.

I am a behavioral therapist with over 15 years of experience with children of all ages, developmental profiles, and personality types. I value respect, honor, fun, and a light-heartedness about life. My clients me because I have an unending patience that no child has been able to wear down, and a wild creativity that enables me to come up with fun things to do, healthy meals to eat, and opportunities to learn and grow.
Elijah K. - Seeking Work in Seattle

Live-In Full-Time Babysitter Available in Seattle, WA: Elijah K.

I am a recent graduate of cornish college of the arts I currently dance in a company 2 days a week . I'm very active . Would rather place create all day than work at 9 to 5.
I'm a educator. As well as a student.

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