The Parchure Family - Hiring in San Francisco
The Parchure Family - Hiring in San Francisco

The Parchure Family

start: TBD
6 - 11 mth old girl
My husband and I both live and work in San Francisco. We are in the process of moving to the city and are looking for good child care for our daughter. She is a 6 months old happy baby, who is super friendly and active. She has been to a home-based daycare in south bay for a couple of months. Whoever has taken care of her so far says that she is such an easy baby to take care of!

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The English Family - Hiring in San Francisco
The English Family
Russian Hill, San Francisco$20/hr  |  1 kid
Hello, from Danielle and Rob! We are welcoming our first baby in April 2019. We are looking to start a nanny share in October 2019 (though can be flexible with that date).

*Hours needed, daily and weekly: Regular working days / hours, Monday through Friday

*A general idea of your parenting style. Helicopter style. Just kidding. We plan to guide our child by a few simple principles: (1) encourage playfulness, physical activity, and outdoor exploring as often as possible; (2) celebrate the process of learning as much as (if not more than) the outcome; (3) embrace that we will learn more through our failures than our successes. In other words, we want to embolden our little human with a growth mindset, and as early as possible -- so that she is unafraid to make mistakes in the pursuit of learning, developing, and greatness.

Beyond a nanny share, we hope to form a friendship with another couple -- and if we're really lucky, our child's first best friend.

*Allergies, pets, parent working from home, etc: We do not have any allergies. Our baby hasn’t been born yet, so we’ll need to update you on her allergies. We do not have any pets; however, we love dogs and are not opposed to the other family having them. However, we’d like to evaluate other animals (cats, reptiles, birds, etc) on a case-by-case basis.

Our work schedule is a mixture of working-from-home and working-in-office, meaning Rob may be in-and-out throughout the day as he travels from work appointments. If we are hosting for part of the week, we can (and prefer) to rearrange our schedules to stay out-of-the-house for those days.

Any other questions, we’re an open book, so ask away! (Danielle spent her college years nannying and so appreciates there are a number of questions both parents and nannies usually want to ask but may be hesitant to put out there!)