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Atlanta, GA Child Care

Nikki H. - Seeking Work in Atlanta

Hourly rate17.14 / hour
Hours (full-time or not)Full-time hours

My name is Nikki Hart, I am a 23. I am bilingual and fluent in both English and my 1st language Afrikaans! I am currently a live-in nanny for my sister. I've been helping her out with my niece since birth to 9 months, but I am ready to move forward as she is working from home now. I am CPR and first aid certified and also love doing baby massage. I have been a live-in nanny for the past 6 years and I absolutely love it! I have been lucky enough to be a nanny/2nd mother to a newborn baby boy and his three year old brother , looked after and built an incredible relationship with a six year old girl and her extremely intelligent eight year old sister, became a friend and role model to seven adorable, very unique adopted children aged 2 1/2 to 9 and then most recently I took on the role of mommy number two in a single parent home where an active, and smart 8 month old and his two talented sisters, six and seven, crawled deep into my heart. My main priority with the school aged children was driving them to and from school or taking them to the bus stop and to their extracurricular activities! I had to prepare breakfast and lunches and on the occasion a simple dinner too. I got them dressed and groomed for school and once they got home I assisted with their homework! While bigger kids were in school i would be home with baby and be responsible for everything from getting him up in the morning, changing his diapers, grooming, bathing, dressing, feeding, burping, playing, educating, taking him for walks and outings, putting him down for naps and feeding him dinner until mommy comes home. On occasion I would take children to doctors and dentist appointments and be available for emergency pickup at school when they're sick. Other responsibilities included keeping the children's rooms tidy and and beds made, restocking wipes and diapers, emptying diaper pale and trash cans, changing bed sheets, keeping up with laundry, straighten up play areas, organizing closets and playrooms, and doing groceries! For those families who had pets, I would help feed and walk them even if not required of me simply because I love animals. I occasionally helped the family out with over seeing projects at the house, letting people in and out and communicating between the family and contractors etc! Even though it wasn't specified as part of my job I had a part in running/assisting in the household! I have a valid driver's license and am a very confident and comfortable driver! I currently do not have my own vehicle as I've been a live-in nanny for the past 6 years and never required my own. Prior to my coming to the States I gained experience taking care of newborn twin boys, and just about every baby that passed through our church's nursing room. My responsibilities with them were feeding, burping, changing diapers, putting to sleep and playing with them. In my 6 years as live-in nanny I potty trained three toddlers, successfully taught a 6 year old how to ride her bicycle and two 4 year old kids to tie their shoes. It is so rewarding to be part of these big leaps in a child's life and I can't wait to be part of many more. My mother is a teacher for severely mentally handicapped children, and I have learned so much from her, spending time with her and her children in class loads of times! I have a very special place in my heart for children with Autism, Downs Syndrome and those with CP. They make me feel so loved and blessed, when the smallest thing I do makes the biggest impact in their lives! One can learn a lot from children with special needs as they always have a smile on their faces. I have a very big interest in music therapy, and love seeing how music makes children feel and how it can help in their development! I am very musical and grew up in a family surrounded by music! I used to play the piano and the violin , and was also part of a international children's choir where we traveled to Austria in 2004 to compete in the Choir Olympics were we received the bronze medal. I am also athletic. I love playing kickball and Netball, and I like working out at least three times a week. I am a huge fan of the outdoors! I believe that kids should not spend their days being locked up inside, but instead be outside playing, going for walks and exploring nature! I spent my childhood days playing outside everyday, making up my own little adventures in my head, get on my bike and explore the "world". I try to encourage kids to use their imaginations and love being actively involve in every game they play. I would love to help you out in any way I can and will love and take care of your kids as if they are my own. I'm looking forward to hear about your family and their interests. Happy nanny searching :) Sincerely, Nikki
Maria G. - Seeking Work in Atlanta

Hourly rate22.85 / hour
Hours (full-time or not)Full-time hours

I have had several experiences with children. At first when I was 14 years old, I took care of a girl during one year. She was six, Maria Jose. She was my neighbor. It was like if I was Au Pair because I slept in her house while her mother was working. During this time I prepared her meals, I gave bath, I planed activities (crafts, painting, drawing, board games). I have had a good contact with the family and they used to ask me to keep her girl during weekends when I went to my hometown in vacations from college. During my 2001/2002 school years, I’ve helped two boys, who were in primary school to do their homework three times per week. It was not like taking care of children but it was also interesting because I was trying to make them learn their lessons and it was a real satisfaction when they had goods results. In 2005 for 5 months every weekend, I toke care of a lovely boy. When I started to take care of him, he was 9 years old. I helped him with his homework and then we play or we watch the TV. Until his father come back from his job, I prepared our dinner and finally, I put him to bed after story time. Since February/ 08 until July/08, I was a volunteer (4h/day) in a kindergarten. As they’re young I helped them with their homework and I tried to teach them a few things, we draw, I read them books, we painting, playing with clay, little cars, and other activities. Most of the time, I had to supervise 6 - 8 children. Since Aug 08 until July 09 I had been in Atlanta as Au Pair. The kids were a boy, 8, and girl, 6. I used to drive them to school and extra activities like swimming, dancing, play dates... Also, I helped them with their homework and cook for them. After my year as au pair, Aug 09 - Aug 2010, I worked as a live-in nanny taking care of a baby since she was 2 months.
Jennifer M. - Seeking Work in Atlanta

Hourly rate11.42 / hour
Hours (full-time or not)Full-time hours

Babysitting: I have 10+ years of babysitting experience. While babysitting I've generally cared for families with 2 to 4 children. Nanny: I was a live in Nanny for a family for seven months. The family had two great little boys, ages 3 and 5. My responsibilities included getting the boys up and ready for school in the morning, and then dropping off at school and daycare. In the evenings I was responsible for the bedtime routine, which included helping with playtime, dinner, baths, etc. I routinely babysat on weekends.I also cooked week night meals in advance, did bi-weekly house cleaning. Nanny: I was a nanny for my sister for 6 months! At the time she had a newborn baby boy and a nineteen month old boy!! I took care of morning activities with the two year old, and evening sleep training with the baby. In addition to this I helped around the house, and providing babysitting as needed. Orphanage Intern: I was an intern at two orphanages in Nicaragua for a total of three months! I spent the first two months at the baby orphanage with children ages newborn to 5 years. My responsibilities included taking on nanny shifts (in which we had full responsibility for about 6 - 10 children), one on one activity time, and art and English lessons. The final month was spent in the Children's Home with children ages 6 to 18. Here my responsibilities included facilitating daily routines (i.e. wake up call, breakfast, school drop off), supervising chore hour, and teaching English to the teenage girls. In addition to this I just plain got to live life as a mother figure for a lot of children; we play games, went on hikes, watch movies, etc. After School Coordinator: I have spent a year and a half holding this position. One year with the YMCA, and six months at the Academy. The program consisted of around 85 children! I was responsible for creating, scheduling, and facilitating their daily routine at after school. In addition to this I oversaw the counselors for each age group. At the Academy I planned and facilitated After school care for a group of about 6 - 8 wonderful children!
Christina F. - Seeking Work in Atlanta

Hourly rate20.00 / hour
Hours (full-time or not)Full-time hours

I have been babysitting since was 13 years old and I've been a nanny since I was 18 years old. I also taught Spanish/Pre-K at a private preschool. I've taken care of many babies, toddlers, and children up to 13 years of age. I grew up with a very large family and I've been taking care of children since I was really young. I have also done some tutoring on the side with children if the parents requested it. I do speak Spanish fluently, so I have tried to incorporate the spanish language with the children I take care of. Most of the nannying I've done has been over the summer time due to the fact that I was in college during the school year. I did however babysit during the weekends or week nights if my schedule was free. Most of the time the children had activities they had to attend, so I would take them there, cheer them on, make sure they had water and a healthy snack to eat, encourage them not to quit or give up no matter how hard it is, and I would take them home after their activity was done. I prefer the children play outside as much as possible, so I usually take them swimming at the pool, encourage them to play with their friends, go to the park, ride their bike, basically anything that requires physical activity. Before the children are allowed to go outside and play, they must have completed their homework, room must be clean, and toys that are not being played with need to be put in the proper place. I do not mind cooking or light cleaning when i'm taking care of the children. I do cook healthy food for the children because healthy food creates healthy minds for them to grow. The reason why I cook healthy is because food that is high in fat, sugar, salt, or is saturated causes the children to be slugish, they cannot concentrate, they get a sugar rush and then crash after it goes away and it doesn't help them perform to their best ability. I have a very bubbly personality, I'm fun to be around, but I do enforce rules because children need boundaries. Children who misbehave will be put in time-out or I will take something away from them that they enjoy until they say sorry and tell me why the toy was taken away. All in all, I have had a great experience with children and I'm looking foward to meeting your family.
Kristy G. - Seeking Work in Atlanta

Hourly rate8.57 / hour

I have worked with several families as a nanny since 2005. I have worked with families with as many as 4 children, from infants to school aged children. I also taught preschool, and trained in child development for infants up to 3 year olds. In my nanny positions, I made fun activity plans for the children to make the most of our time, things like finger painting, sculpting, kid-friendly cooking, building with blocks, silly puppet shows, and video recording 'fashion shows' or dramatic play, and getting our hands dirty gardening outside or exploring nature! We also spoke Spanish to develop our foreign language skills. We engaged in fun activities around town like going to Sensations Play, the zoo, Fernbank, Hippo Hop, and more. During downtime, I helped with kids' laundry, tidying up around the house, running errands, and cooking. In my preschool teaching position, I developed lesson plans, managed classroom environment, taught pre-reading and pre-writing skills, cognitive skils, and evaluated student progress. I learned so much about how to help children learn through play and the importance of active, rather than passive learning.
Paul G. - Seeking Work in Atlanta

Hourly rate22.85 / hour
Hours (full-time or not)Full-time hours

I was a foster parent for ten years. I lived with them, cared for them like you care for yours. I fostered 72 boys, not more than 3 at a time. The age range was 6 - 20. I'm the oldest of 9, I grew up helping mom a lot. I currently care for my sisters three boys (6,3,1.5) when needed. I was a youth minister for middle and high school for about ten years. I started taking care of my neighbors two boys (10) when I was 17. She traveled 2 weeks out of the month. I was responsible for them until she returned. I have cared for children of close friends; they would stay with me on weekends. I have dealt with a lot of behavior problems.
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