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Indianapolis, IN Nannies

Hailey B. - Seeking Work in Indianapolis

Hourly rate22.85 / hour
Hours (full-time or not)Full-time hours

Hi, my name is Hailey. I am looking for a full-time or part time LONG TERM family, to help me further my career and reach my goals as a nanny. I am currently studying for my INA certification (International nanny). I absolutely adore children, I am a very take charge person, I get things done very efficiently. I love outings with the children, such as park, museum, zoo, library, etc. I am a nanny, not a babysitter this is my career and I take it very seriously. I love kids and plan to in some way work with them my entire working career. Below I have included my familes mission statement tobetter hel you understand what we are all about. 1. Live simply. We won’t commit to things that will fill our schedule to the point of insane business with little result. We will not go into debt other then for schooling purposes. Christmas time is spent more on creating things together and spending time with loved ones, than it is in buying things and dealing with crowds. I've decided that a perfectly clean house just isn’t going to make the cut, so I clean what’s needed, and don’t worry about the rest. We stick to our little mantra in our home, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” 2. Grow. We value the way God has made each of us individually, and we encourage personal and communal growth. It seems like our 5-year-old son Lucas is artistic and right-brained, so we want to foster the space for him to create and explore his interests. If Ben is athletic and shows interest in sports, we’ll provide a reasonable way for him to pursue that – but if he’s not, we won’t force him to be someone he’s not. We’ll encourage him in his weaknesses, of course, and give him a safe place to develop his areas of growth. Addy our baby we will answer to every call of hers until she is old enough to self sooth, we will do everything in our power to make sure she is a happy healthy baby! We WILL NOT give her any medicine/Vaccine we do not feel safe with...if it comes to it we will home-school. We will work daily on activities to expand and educate ALL of our children, we will not allow the TV to be a babysitter. No matter the dirty looks we get we will discipline when and wherever needed. We believe you have 18 years to teach a child to be an adult, not 18 years to be a kid. We’ll all do our best to allow us each to flourish in how we’re made. This also means we choose selectively how we spend our free time. Because it’s important to me that we create... I purposely schedule in time to scrapbook, or cook, or decorate, or whatever. It also means I invest time and resources into making our surroundings beautiful, because being surrounded by beautiful things high value of mine. Leary is an introvert, so we do our best to give him time to be alone. He also loves the outdoors, so if given a choice to do something outside or in, we’ll try to do it out. 3. Honor relationships. People are more important than things. We choose to value friends, family, neighbors, strangers, and enemies more highly than our personal possessions, our right to comfort, or a false sense of security. If a friend needs a place to crash for the night, we will welcome him to our office/guest room, even if our place is a wreck. I’ll have to swallow my pride, but that is better than turning away a soul needing a haven. We’ll schedule time for me to have a lunch date with a friend, because that friend is important. Even if it means not getting anything done that afternoon. 4. Celebrate. As a family, we like to celebrate both the big AND little things. We enjoy decorating for the seasons and holidays. We like fostering traditions, and spending time with extended family. For us, it’s fun to celebrate a birthday in our family for the entire weekend. And little things are cause for celebration, too. Being newly potty trained deserves a fun dessert after dinner. Finishing a tough project at work might mean a late-night movie and popcorn. We’ve chosen to make celebrating a priority, so we don’t feel guilty about spending valuable time doing these things. Please e-mail me with any questions or concerns.
Rain L. - Seeking Work in Indianapolis

Hourly rate14.28 / hour
Hours (full-time or not)Full-time hours

Firstly, I have trained at Daycare in Bangkok, Thailand for 3 months and also attended First Aid & CPR training for child and infant here. There are so many infants and toddlers there; the age between a month to 4 years old. My responsibilities are taking temperature for sick children by thermometer, cleaning Infants, sterilizing milk bottles, testing milk, changing diapers, playing with children, putting children to bed, preparing and feeding baby’s food for all ages of children. Besides I have observed the children development since the first day of my training. For instant, walking, crawling, trying to speak etc. I also learned how to deal when children cry. I was taught by babysitter how to take a good care of those children. Understanding what children want is also important thing for being a babysitter. I had got many experiences and good memory from here. Moreover, I used to be Teacher Assistant for the kids between 3-6 years old in Primary shcool. I worked with foreign teacher. I have a great time in class with my students. I taught them to sing a song with action, checked homework, read stories, took them to playground. Secoundly, I was an Au pair for a year with American family. Firstly, I worked in California for 3 months. I took care of three kids, Ethan (6), Mason (2.5), Owen (6 months). They were very nice and lovely kids. We had a great time together. And then, I had to move to New Jersey and worked with a new family. I took care of twins boys. They were 10 months old at that time. We got along very well. I have a wonderful time and best experience in my life with them. I finished my Au Pair in May,2008. Then I moved to Indianapolis, Indiana. I looking for an Au Pair/Nanny or Babysiter part time or full time. I am patient, friendly, easy going, maturity, warm-hearted, open-mined, responsible, hard-working and has a lot of sense of humor. On the same hand, I am enthusiastic and like to learn new things around me. I would like to be an Nanny because I love Children.
Joanna J. - Seeking Work in Indianapolis

Hourly rate17.14 / hour
Hours (full-time or not)Full-time hours

I started watching children when I was 12 after I had taken Safe Sitter. I babysat throughout high school and have always helped take care of children in my extended family. My first job as a nanny was for a single mother who has 3 girls ages 4mo, 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 when I started and she also had joint custody of her two older children that were 8 and 9 at the time. I was a live in nanny and took care of the baby around the clock. I was responsible for waking up the children, getting them ready for the day, preparing meals, cleaning, doing activities with the children including educational ones and taking them on outings regularly. When I started all three of the younger children were in diapers, I potty trained the older two while I was with the family. I also tutored the older two since they were in school at that point. The eldest has diabetes, and I would monitor her blood sugar and administer her insulin as well. The 2 1/2 year old has asthma and needed breathing treatments three times a day. Another family I worked with has 2 children ages 4 and 7 when I started. I was also a personal assistant for the mother who is a physician. The 4 year old had leukemia and their grandmother has breast cancer so I would take them both to their appointments for treatment, labs and any procedures that were to be performed. I administered medicine and injections among other treatments at home for the 4 year old. The 7 year old simply needed my attention, I spent "girl" time with her so she wouldn't feel left out. I would regularly spend one on one time with her so that she would know that even though because her brother is sick, she is still important and special. We would do all kinds of activities including art, writing, reading and going to the Zoo and the Children's Museum. I also tutored her after school. I have experience with multiples and premature infants as well.
Kimberly C. - Seeking Work in Indianapolis

Hourly rate22.85 / hour
Hours (full-time or not)Full-time hours

Hello, potential employers. You are upscale, devoted parents fed up with lazy, disorganized, immature babysitters who work cheap but cost a fortune in stress and hassle. You recognize that you get what you pay for, and are able to provide fair salary and benefits required to employ exceptional full-time child care. Imagine the security that comes from knowing your children are being cared for by a reliable, devoted professional with over 25 years experience. My sense of humor and easygoing personality will fit right in with your family's dynamic. From newborns to teens, there are very few situations I've not encountered. I've truly seen it all! You'll find yourself relying on my organizational skills, gentle disciplinary style and fun-loving nature. Do you have young children? Visits to the zoo, Children's Museum and parks will become part of our active days. Older kids will benefit from my help in establishing good homework and chore routines (laundry, dishes, etc.) to help stay on track. No matter what age, I'll be "your voice" when you're away from home, providing consistent, integrated guidance in accordance with your parenting methods. I am a graduate of Ball State University with a BA in Journalism. My hobbies include cooking & baking, music, reading and spending time with my family. There will be no issues with driving record, fingerprinting, or criminal history. I have a reliable vehicle, and will re-instate my CPR certification ASAP upon hiring. I have no pet allergies or issues. Household chores such a shopping, picking up dry cleaning and shuttling children from school and lessons are not a problem for me at all. Don't your children deserve the best? Please respond at your earliest convenience to arrange an interview. When you contact my former employers for references, you'll hear first-hand how I have remained in close touch for years after all my charges have grown into young adults. I look forward to building the same kind of relationship with your family. Let's get together and find out how well we can all work together as a cohesive team!
Diane C. - Seeking Work in Indianapolis

Hourly rate17.14 / hour
Hours (full-time or not)Full-time hours

I am in search for a full time Nanny position. In the past...For 18 years I was a licensed childcare provider. Many have been in my care from birth until Kindergarten. I have had background checks and have been fingerprinted, CPR/First Aid Cert, In Home Fire inspections, Home Safety Inspections,& Home Sanitation Inspections, all done on a yearly basis. Also, several times a year attend Childcare seminars (All Mandatory). I always encouraged my parents to take advantage of my "Pop In at any time" Policy. Children have been a Hugh love in my life. I began in home childcare with my mother and took over her business when she retired. I love the Montessori method of learning. I use many of their ideas on the children I keep in my care. I love to spend time Reading, puzzles, learn A,B,Cs & 1,2,3s, Coloring, Play Dough, Fine Motor Skills,Gross Motor Skills,Social Skills, Outdoor Play, Songs, Manners, Daily Walks, and Outings. My philosophy is that all children should be treated with love and respect, give Positive Support and Work every day together until child understands. I am very reliable and punctual. I have lots of patients, and a good sense of humor. I have lots of energy to spend with growing active kids and I think I would do a GREAT job.
Brittney M. - Seeking Work in Indianapolis

Hourly rate22.85 / hour
Hours (full-time or not)Full-time hours

I have been caring for children for over 13 years now. I absolutely love it! A little about myself, I babysat for two families when I first graduated high school for two summers, and those 2 families had 2 children each. I then went on to college and obtained a recreation degree from Marian College. Throughout those four years, I worked at a child care center as a floater. I worked in every room and they ranged from infants to 12 years of age. I also frequently babysat for many of those families on the weekends. I then moved to Ohio for about two years and was a lead school age teacher at the child development center. I also volunteered and helped out with youth sports. I soon moved back to Avon and became a pre-k teacher before being promoted after only 4 months to the assistant manager position. In that position, I was in charge of the ones and twos programs. I then moved on to a new phase and became a nanny for 2 separate families full-time and worked for them for 5 years and it was the greatest move I ever made. I have chosen being a nanny as my career not a job! I bring a high energy, fun loving attitude to work each day and I am extremely dependable and flexible. I currently work for another family that has just one infant and he is the sweetest thing. I am comfortable with all ages and multiple children at once. I enjoy taking children to fun activities, the park, the zoo, museum and etc., or whatever else the parents would like their children to be involved in. Reading and crafts are a must and playing outdoors and swimming are also things I enjoy to do with the children. I hope to be the one your family is looking for. Have a great day!
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Consider Nanny Shares in Indianapolis!

Nanny Share is when two families share one nanny. The nanny has two employers and enjoys higher pay, while each family saves significantly on child care expenses.

The families below have found a nanny they trust, and are looking for another family to join them to save on childcare costs. Learn more about Nanny Share.

The Mosley Family - Hiring in Indianapolis
Cierra Mosely - Nanny Share Member

with Cierra M.
Hourly rate7.50 / hour
Hours (full-time or not)Full-time hours
Number of children1 kid

Very nice family and get to get alone with
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What are some common responsibilities for nannies in Indianapolis, IN?

As a parent, it’s natural for you to ask your nanny for a little extra help around the house. However, the boundaries for a nannies duties vary from person to person. In general, a nanny is responsible for making sure your children’s needs are met. This includes things like ensuring they have opportunities to play and be active, that they have a healthy diet and a sanitary home. When tasks go beyond child care, for example scrubbing kitchen counters, folding laundry, gathering groceries, or teaching a language, you will likely need to provide additional compensation.

How can I ensure I have a great relationship with my nanny?

To start, it’s important you set expectations and are aligned on compensation from day one. This includes outlining vacation days, a protocol for sick days, and everything else you would want your own employer to cover. From here, spend time getting to know them. Take your nanny out one of Indianapolis’s great restaurants, learn about their childhood, and discuss your parenting philosophy. Finally, be sure to resolve conflicts as they arise. Open communication is crucial to ensuring a healthy long-term relationship.

Questions to ask prospective Indianapolis Nannies:
  • Have you been a nanny previously? How long did your employment last?
  • Are you trained in First Aid or CPR?
  • How would you handle a situation where our child began choking?
  • How do you handle tantrums? Can you share an experience disciplining children?
  • What sort of household tasks are you open to doing?
  • Are you open to a live in arrangement?
  • Do you plan to work for our family over multiple years?
  • Do you have a driver's license in Indiana?
  • Do you own a car? Do you have work experience in Indianapolis?
  • How flexible are you on weekends and evenings?
  • What salary are you seeking? Are you comfortable being paid by direct deposit?
  • Are you able to help with food preparation?
  • What could you cook for a child aged 2-5? Do you know how to make baby food?
  • Are you comfortable facilitating play dates?
  • Have you ever potty trained a child before?
  • Have you worked with newborns? Do you know how to change a diaper and prepare formula?
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