What Does a Nanny in Denver Cost?

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A nanny in Denver costs anywhere between $17-22 per hour. This translates to about $680-880 per week for a full-time nanny.

Did you know: The cost of living in the Denver Metropolitan area is slightly higher than the national cost of living in the United States.

Experience, education, certifications, and a family’s specific needs all impact the cost of having a nanny. These factors contribute to nannies potentially earning more than the previously listed amount. Learn more about what to consider when determining the cost of a nanny here, and how different responsibilities, schedules, and age of children can impact the average hourly rate in Denver here.

How to save on a nanny in Denver

If you’re looking for cheaper forms of child care, nanny shares are a great option to consider. Nanny shares typically benefit both nannies and families by allowing nannies to earn more while allowing families to pay less.

Each family in the nanny share pays about 2/3 of the going rate for a nanny which reduces the cost to the families but adds up to an increase to the nanny’s overall wages. For example, if the rate for a nanny is $20, each family would only pay about $13.20, while the nanny would earn $26.40 per hour.

How to find a nanny share in Denver

Whether you find a nanny or another family first, you can start the search for a nanny share.

Learn more about setting up a nanny share here.

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