What Does a Nanny Cost in Houston?

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Families in Houston pay between $15 and $18 per hour for a nanny. The cost of a nanny in Houston varies based on the nanny’s experience, your location, and the number of kids you have.

For example, the more experience a nanny has, the more they can earn. The cost of a nanny also depends on how many children they care for; a nanny might have a specific hourly rate when caring for 1-2 children and will increase that rate when caring for more children.

It’s important to understand what other factors affect the cost of your nanny and how they can affect your budget. You can learn about such factors like different responsibilities, work schedules, and age of children can impact the average hourly rate in Houston.

Saving on a nanny In Houston

Nanny sharing is a popular option for families looking to save on nanny costs. It’s a great way to save money while still getting the benefits of having a nanny. Your family will save costs in a nanny share by splitting the total cost of your nanny with another family.

Did you know: As a part of a nanny share, you get the flexibility that comes with hiring a nanny to work around your hours, attentive care, and your kids also get playmates.

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How to find a nanny share in Houston

You can start your search by finding another family in Houston or available nannies in Houston that’s interested in nanny sharing through a site like Nanny Lane.

There are a few things to consider when deciding on a family to share a nanny with. One of the more important things is geography. You want to make sure that the other family is close enough to yours, whether you’re in Memorial, University Place, or Clear Lake.

Learn how to set up a nanny share here.

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