What Does a Nanny Cost in San Francisco?

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The average range of a nanny in San Francisco is between $17 and $25 per hour. This includes the San Fran sections and suburbs such as The Marina, Mission Bay, Noe Valley, Orinda, and Palo Alto. It will also fluctuate based on the number of kids you have, the nanny's experience level, and what your neighbors are spending.

What to pay a San Francisco Nanny Share

Nanny share is a great way to save money on a Bay Area nanny. Learn the going rate in your area of San Francisco, and then expect that both families will pay about 2/3rd of the rate. So if the going rate for a nanny in your San Fran community is $25, then both families will pay about $16.50 an hour. This makes the monthly child care budget a lot more digestible.

How to find a nanny share in San Francisco

The first step is usually to find a compatible family in your area, but you can also start by finding a nanny first. Nanny Lane has plenty of nannies in San Francisco. Then you'll want to interview your nanny with the other family.

Ideally, you and the other family would have a similar budget and work schedule, but with Nanny Share most things are flexible. You’ll also want to be sure your nanny meets your family’s needs for adventure and excursions, taking kids on outings to playgrounds, museums, Golden Gate Park, and Pier 39 without blinking an eye.

Learn the average cost of a nanny in San Francisco, how to set up a nanny share, get tips on finding the right family to share a nanny with, or find San Francisco nannies.

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