What Does a Nanny Cost in NYC?

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You’ll hear stories from New Yorkers who have hired nannies where they pay for everything from cell phone bills to gym memberships.

The reality is that the cost of a nanny in NYC will be more than Witchita, Kansas, and even Boston or Chicago, but it shouldn’t break the bank.

Nannies in New York City and it’s surrounding burrows typically earn between $17 and $25/hour. It will depend on the nanny’s years of experience and certifications, but some families do offer great benefits, like more vacation time and paid cell phone plans, to increase the chance of finding their dream nanny.

Learn about the average hourly rate in NYC and how different work schedules and responsibilities impact it.

What do I do if I can’t afford a NYC nanny?

When searching for the right childcare solution, there are other situations to consider if you want to hire a nanny with an hourly rate that’s more than you can afford.

Here are some options if the cost of a NYC nanny is too high:

  1. A nanny share: This means both families would hire one nanny for their children, and both families would pay two-thirds of their rate. This gives the nanny a higher compensation to make up for the extra child, and the extra family maintenance. Learn how to set up a nanny share.
  2. Day care: Look into a local day care center near you. Just make sure the hours work for your schedule. Compare daycares versus nanny shares.
  3. Family day care program: A family day care center can often be the most affordable day care plan outside of your home. Typically held in a family’s home or apartment, your child gets social interaction and put on a schedule the way a daycare center would. Just make sure the hours work for you, and the home program has day care credentials.
  4. Family and nanny split: If your family is local, see if you can have them take care of your kids for a day or two. This will help offset the cost of the nanny you hire for the remaining days.
  5. Au Pair: If you have an extra room in your house, an Au Pair typically averages $160/week. However, it's important to note that there is usually a restriction on the number of hours they can work. Compare au pairs versus nannies.

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