Working with a Nanny Agency

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Finding A Reputable Nanny Placement Agency

If you’ve decided the best route for you to find quality childcare is through a nanny placement agency, make sure you find one that is a reputable resource. Getting a referral from someone you know who has used a nanny placement agency is an ideal way to find a reputable agency.

Another way to investigate the reputation of a nanny placement agency is by checking whether it has any professional affiliations. You can look for professional affiliations with organizations such as the National Alliance of Professional Nanny Agencies and the International Nanny Association. You should also check if a nanny placement agency is licensed, bonded, and insured.

How Using A Nanny Agency Can Make The Hiring Process Smoother

Using a nanny agency can simplify your life before, during, and after the hiring process. There are a number of reasons why using a nanny agency can benefit you.

  • When you use a nanny agency, you save time and effort throughout the hiring process.
  • Nanny agencies weed out candidates who submit resumes with blatant inaccuracies that are more difficult for someone hiring a nanny to take the time out to find.
  • A nanny agency has years of experience in hiring and screening nanny candidates during the hiring process. They know what to look for and how to handle matching the right candidate to the right family.
  • A nanny agency makes the hiring process go smoother by assisting you with the creation of a job description and negotiating the job offer and compensation package.

Information You Need To Know When Working With A Nanny Agency

Working with a nanny agency is a streamlined process compared to searching for a nanny on your own. Still, there is an abundance of information you should be aware of during your working relationship with a nanny agency. Here are some things you can expect.

  • Find out the policy of the nanny agency when it comes to hiring a nanny for you. For instance, does the nanny agency offer a number of candidates for you and will they find a new hire if a nanny does not work out.
  • Find out what fees you’ll be paying for at the nanny agency. This can include locating candidates, the screening process, and background checks. If in doubt, ask what is covered and what isn’t.
  • Find out when you need to pay the fees to the nanny agency and whether there is a refund policy.
  • Find out within what time frame the nanny agency will fill the position for you.
  • Find out what process the nanny agency uses to screen a candidate. This can include information such as the number of references the nanny agency uses and how the agency conducts the interviews.
  • Find out what process the nanny agency uses to screen you as the employer. This might include checking references and a written application process.

Information Your Nanny Placement Agency Needs To Know

Part of finding the ideal nanny for your home is providing the nanny placement agency with the right set of information to work with. Start by giving the nanny placement agency an honest assessment of your family life, your household, and the job requirements you need your nanny to fulfill. Here is a list of information you should have on hand to discuss with a nanny placement agency.

  • Let the nanny placement agency know when you need a nanny and for what sort of duration period.
  • Let the nanny placement agency know if you are looking for a part-time or full-time nanny and whether you are looking for a live-in or live-out nanny.
  • Be prepared to discuss your household needs, related to your children as well as the remainder of the household.
  • Let the nanny placement agency know if you have any additional expectations in a childcare provider and what they are.
  • Discuss what the compensation package for the nanny will be. Be prepared to think about benefits, as well.
  • Be prepared to discuss whether there will be any travel involving your nanny.
  • Let the nanny placement agency know if you require any assistance from them in terms of coming up with the job description, handling taxes and payroll, or other services.

Questions You Should Ask A Nanny Agency

When you’re deciding between different nanny agencies to work with, be prepared with a list of preliminary questions to ask. Your questions should address your particular childcare needs and the type of home life you have. Being as specific as possible is also helpful. Following are a list of questions to ask.

  • Find out how long the nanny agency has been in business.
  • Ask what professional affiliations the nanny agency has and whether it has state licensing.
  • Find out what the screening process is for the applicants and where the agency finds candidates.
  • Ask what the minimum skill set is that the nanny agency will accept.
  • Find out what type of nanny training the agency has in place.
  • Find out what support services the nanny agency has.

The Nanny Hiring Process: What’s Most Important?

When using nanny placement agencies to find a nanny, there are several components to the hiring process. Some components of the hiring process are more integral to what’s important when you’re finding a nanny. The most important component, according to the 2006 GTM Nanny Employment Trends, is the candidate screening process. The next most important component of the hiring process is the time-saving aspect when using a placement agency.

According to the report, other factors like the quality of candidates, the availability of candidates to choose from, and the experience a placement agency brings to the table were also important components of the hiring process.

Three Reasons To Find Childcare Using Nanny Agencies

Finding childcare, such as a nanny for your home, can be a time-consuming process. Rather than doing all the legwork yourself, one option is for you to find childcare through nanny agencies. Here are three good reasons why nanny agencies make sense:

  1. Nanny agencies do all of the work of finding you a nanny who meets the requirements you ask for, giving you time to attend to other details in your life.
  2. Nanny agencies typically conduct interviews, screen candidates, and conduct background checks on their candidates, giving you peace of mind about the nannies they send your way.
  3. Nanny agencies may provide additional services like assistance with nanny contracts, payroll services, and guidance with employment practices. If you’re new to the world of household employment, this additional help can be especially beneficial.

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