Part-Time Nanny Jobs

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How Much Should a Part-Time Nanny Make?

A part-time nanny should expect to charge more per hour than a nanny who works full-time since there is less job security. A part-time nanny job isn't as secure because a parent could change the hours that the part-time nanny works. This could conflict with the nanny's schedule causing them to resign.

While you won't make the same amount in a part-time nanny job as you would in a full-time nanny position, just remember that you can ask for more pay per hour than you would if you were a nanny full-time. If you know that full-time nannies in your area make about $15 per hour, you can charge between $17 and $20 as a part-time nanny.

Nanny Sharing

Nanny sharing is becoming increasingly popular in many cities. It involves several families sharing one nanny. If you are a nanny and aren't interested in working for one family full-time, but you still want to work 40 hours or more, look into nanny sharing.

If you decide to do this, sit down with each family and go over schedule and hours you would work. It's also wise to find out if you will be caring for both families' children at the same time. Once a schedule is agreed on, you have two part-time nanny jobs that have turned into full-time pay!

Nanny sharing typically works well for nannies who are looking for full-time nanny work but don't want to be tied down to one family. It also works well for families who feel more secure by sharing a good childcare provider with people they trust.

Part-Time Nanny vs. Babysitter

If you are hired as a part-time nanny, you should not be treated as a babysitter. These jobs are different. As a part-time nanny, you are responsible enough to completely take over and be in charge while the parent is away. This means a parent shouldn't be leaving you notes with instructions like they would a babysitter.

As a part-time nanny, you are most likely working as a nanny for your career. That is another big difference between a babysitter and a part-time nanny. Nannies most often have formal training in childcare and may even have a college degree, while a babysitter may not have formal training in childcare.

Nannies charge more than babysitters because of the training and education that comes with the job title.

Split-Shift Nanny

A split-shift nanny is another type of part-time nanny job that many nannies find appealing. This means the nanny splits her shift throughout the day. For example, one family may only need a nanny before and after school. As a split-shift nanny, you would come to the home of the family early in the morning, get the children up and ready for school and most likely take them to school. Once the children are in school, your services may not be needed until the children are out of school for the day and are in need of someone to care for them. You would then pick the children up from school and return home with them until their parents arrive home for the evening.

A split-shift nanny position is usually a great idea for a nanny who wants to work part-time, but also has the majority of her day free to do other things.

What is a Part-Time Nanny?

A part-time nanny is a nanny who works less than 40 hours per week with one family. A nanny who is in a part-time nanny job may work one full day per week and then a few hours on other days. Or, a part-time nanny may work three full days per week and no other days that week. Some part-time nannies work only on weekends or one full day during the week and then some hours on the weekend.

The hours worked all comes down to what the family needs in terms of childcare. A part-time nanny position requires that the nanny sit down and iron outset hours and days each week before agreeing to take the position. Typically, a part-time nanny works an average of 15 to 20 hours per week total.

Who Hires Part-Time Nannies?

There are many reasons why parents may be looking for a part-time nanny. A part-time nanny is great for a working parent who needs childcare for 20 hours or so per week.

Another reason a family may hire a part-time nanny is that a parent may work from home and needs childcare during the hours he or she needs to be working and can't watch the children. If you are hired to nanny part-time for a family who has a parent who works from home, keep in mind that you will need to keep the children busy and away from the working parent.

Some parents hire part-time nannies just for some extra help. Many part-time nannies are employed by families where one parent stays home. A part-time nanny is ideal for a stay-at-home mom who wants some freedom during the day to run errands, go to appointments or pursue some volunteer work without her children present.

Why Nanny Part-Time?

Should you take a part-time nanny position? Consider these situations to decide if a part-time nanny job is right for you.

Accepting a part-time nanny position may be ideal for the nanny who has children of her own in school and is looking to use her skills as a mother or caregiver for young children. A part-time nanny position is ideal for those who want a set schedule each week with a good pay base. Part-time nannies usually charge more per hour than full-time nannies because a part-time nanny position isn't quite as secure and doesn't come with the benefits that a full-time nanny position would have.

Another plus of having a part-time nanny job is that it leaves you open to having another nanny position elsewhere. Or, if you would rather, you can even work in another career when you aren't working as a part-time nanny.

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