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Find a live-in nanny job near you in Branford, CT

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Find a live-in nanny job near you in Branford, CT

Image of a nanny with a baby on her neck

How often do you want to work?

Find a live-in nanny job in Branford, CT

The Fogel Family - Hiring in Branford

The Fogel Family

Branford, CT
2 kids

A little bit about us…

Software developer at a financial institution
The Stewart Family - Hiring in Branford

The Stewart Family

Branford, CT
2 kids

A little bit about us…


We are looking for a full-time live-in housekeeper and nanny, in Branford, CT, for two boys, 6 and 3 (almost 4) years old starting mid-March. This is Monday – Friday though we do offer more work on the weekends often, if she/he would like.

We have had six years of wonderful live-in nanny experiences, all of whom have become part of the family. And we are looking forward to meeting someone who is friendly, hardworking and flexible, as that is how we would describe our family atmosphere.

We are an American-British family who recently moved to Connecticut. Both parents will be working from home 4 days and 1 day at Yale. Both boys attend in person school/nursery approximately 8-330 each day, with remote learning at times for the older son, which would be the responsibly of the housekeeper/nanny to support.


• Wake up the boys, give them breakfast, get them ready for school and drive them (usually leaving the house at 740).
• Drop them to school and when required support for remote learning during the day as well as lunch.
• Cook, breakfast and lunch daily for the family, and dinner for the children at about 5 (adults will do their own dinner)
• After school pickup, play (grandparents nearby often do this)
• Prepare dinner and get the children ready for bed
• Clean the house regularly, including tidying and deep cleaning, and laundry for the family


• $3000 gross salary per month. The position includes free accommodation - separate space with multiple rooms at the top of the house that you would be free to stay in for the summer even when not working
• Basic food - we will buy food for the whole family together including the housekeeper/nanny

Dates: Mid March 2021 – mid June, and September – December 2021. We will be away for 2 1/2 months in the summer, but we would still offer the free accommodation over that time.

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Finding a nanny job

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Starting your nanny job

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Getting paid on time

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How to Find Live-In Nanny Jobs in Branford, CT

Are you a nanny looking for a live-in nanny job? Nanny Lane is a nanny website to help you find a live-in nanny job in your area. You create your profile and connect with families that meet your needs. Then, as you meet with families you can discuss and finalize details around cost and responsibilities.

What is a Live-In Nanny in Branford, CT

A live-in nanny provides in-home child care and resides with the family that they care for. They are usually full-time and sometimes support with housekeeping, errands and other household responsibilities. Some live-in nannies stay with their employer’s full-time or they live with their employer’s for a portion of the week and spend the other portion at their home. A live-in nanny schedule can include nights as needed like any other nanny job, however, the employer should always offer compensation for any additional coverage.

Types of Live-In Nanny Jobs and Nanny Responsibilities in Branford, CT

Before you start looking for a live-in nanny job, it's essential to make sure you’re looking for the right opportunities by learning about the different types of nanny jobs and how they compare to each other.

Most nanny jobs vary in responsibilities and time commitment (e.g. the number of hours worked each week or the length of the commitment). There are temporary live-in nanny jobs, even seasonal nanny jobs like summer live-in nanny jobs. Beyond seasonal and temporary live-in nanny positions, there are differences between full-time live-in and part-time live-in nanny jobs. Given that live in nanny positions can be exactly what some families want, it's very important to create a shared set of expectations around hours, responsibilities, and what is expected of you when you're not on the clock.

How to Interview for Live-In Nanny Jobs in Branford, CT

Once you start connecting with prospective employers, the next step is a live-in nanny job interview. Here is a list of some live-in nanny interview questions you should ask:

  • Can you tell me about where in the house I will live? Will I have my own bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc? Do I have my own entrance?
  • What are your expectations around the cleanliness and tidiness of my living quarters?
  • What level of privacy can I expect after hours?
  • Will I have a curfew in the evenings when I am in charge of the kids the next day?
  • Can I have guests over during my days off and only with the employers prior agreement? Am I allowed guests overnight?

Beyond asking these questions, families will want you to have your nanny references ready and ask any questions to show initiative. The nanny job interview is an excellent opportunity to get aligned on the nanny job expectations. By doing this, you can get off on the right foot with your future employer.

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