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Katie K. - Seeking Work in Phoenix

Hourly rate14.28 / hour
Hours (full-time or not)Full-time hours

My nanny/baby-sitting experience started at pretty young age. The first family I baby-sat for was a friend of the family and also my youngest cousin at the time. I really loved taking care and being responsible for another human being so I started to baby-sit part-time during the summer. After having much experience with both of the families, I thought I would start a mini baby-sitting business. I put up signs around my neighborhood and a lot of the time it was word of mouth. I really enjoyed taking care of babies and toddlers, so I thought giving older children a try, so I would have experience at both ends of spectrum. After a couple of months, I got my second job as a baby-sitter for a family in my neighborhood. Her children were ages 10 and 7. They were pretty self-sufficient, the only thing I really had to do was keep them entertained, which was a lot of fun for me. After a year with them, I got another job offer with a family that had a set of twins that were 4 years old at the time. I decided to take the job, because it was a little closer to home and was within walking distance. I cared for the children 4 days a week and that is when I started to nanny. I got the children up each morning, fed them helped them get situated for the day and usually every day we had a different activity to do, which I enjoyed most. I loved taking them to different places so they can see and experience the outside world. I also fed them; created activities inside and outside, read them books and etc. The nanny position lasted until the children when to school full-time which was about 4 years ago. After the children went to school full-time, I got another nanny position for a family who just moved to the area and wanted a nanny close and reliable. I was recommended to the family through a family members co-worker. I was with the family from 2002-2009 and I look at the children as one of my own. I started to watch the children when they were 2 and 5 years old and have seen them grow into independent and beautiful children. I still nanny on occasion when the family either needs help or just wants to go out for the night. My latest and greatest nanny job was with the last family I was with until I decided to move to Arizona. I started watching the little girl when she was 5 months old and ended when she was roughly 17 months old. This nanny position was the best experience ever. I saw all of her milestones that included; rolling over, crawling, walking, and the most enjoyable was able to hear her first words. It was the most rewarding job that I ever had. My relationship with her is still very strong and I talk to her Mom once a week to see how she is doing. It was really wonderful to know how much of an impact I did have on her life the whole year I was with her. My entire past nanny experiences were rewarding in different ways, but this one was especially rewarding because of all the different stages I really got to see first hand.
Kayla W. - Seeking Work in Phoenix

Hourly rate11.33 / hour
Hours (full-time or not)Full-time hours

Hello, My name is Kayla. I have been a babysitter for most of my childhood, since I was 11. I have watched children of all ages from just 2-4 weeks old to 11 years of age. I have also had the ability to work with Special Needs and Handycap children throughout most of my school years. My tasks include House Keeping, feeding, bathing, laundry, totoring, playing, Pet Care, Child Care, Yard Work, etc. I enjoy every minute of what I do, and I put more than 100% of my work efforts into every minute I am working. I do have eligable transpertation every day, but I can at your convenionice watch your child at my residence or yours. I do not smoke, drug free, and no criminal background what so ever. I am very loving, carring, funny, easy-going, energetic, playful, respectful, kind, responsible, nurturing care-giver whom loves life and everything it provides!!!! I am great with children of all ages from infants to 12+ years of age. I am very energetic, I do not just sit the children in front of a TV all day to intertain them!!!!! I to do anything from the out doors, if it isnt to hot, or cold and I prepare all meals and snacks, as well as teach and interact with children. I cook, clean, give baths, read, do tummy time (infants), sing, dance, prepare nap times, take them swimming, play out doors, parks etc. Any thing any everything a preschool and or totor time would provide, but cheaper. I would care for your children as if they were my own, and take the proper percations for their well-fare and happiness. I firmly believe in interacting with children, and not just letting them interain themselves and or just making them sit in front of the television all day. I would open my doors no earlier than 5am, and close no earlier than 9pm depending on parents sceduals. Whether it is 3-5 hours or all day or some over nights, your child is always welcomed. I do try to take weekends off for family time and self time, but some weekends if needed I open my doors then too and or I can go to your residents . But if I have family plans that I have made specifically, and or vacation time I would always let you know a month or two an advance, but I rarely go on family vacations, and my parents fiance daughter and I all get together 1 or 2 times every other month on a weekend when we have our daughter. We are a very close tight family, and we love to extend our family with other familys/friends. I am also learning Spanish and Sign Language. I am not fluent in neither one yet, but I soon will be. I am also German, French, Italian, Dutch, Indian, Irish, Polish, Norigan, and Swedish. I do not know any of those languages, but if I need to learn I will. I have a terrific personality, and I know your children would adore me. I am also very nigotiable payment wise, as long as it is fair to everyone!!
Jennifer K. - Seeking Work in Phoenix

Hourly rate14.28 / hour

February 2009- July 2012 Nanny, Care giver, Family member Cared for three: aged five years old, three years old and ten months (at time of hire)Carried out daily activities to meet the children’s physical and emotional needs Prepared and served meals and snacks to the four-year-old and fed the baby a combination of bottled milk and solids, and helped to wean the baby fully onto solids Changed diapers and bathed and dressed the children Played with the children and took them on walks/to the playground Organized games and read storybooks to the five-year-old, three-year-old, and ten month old prepared and served breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and prepared school lunches Oversaw playtime and scheduled/social activities with friends after school Took children on walks, outings and educational trips Organized games and other entertainment. Oversaw their play and swimming in the pool, took them to the playground and played sport with them in the backyard Intervened when disagreements arose Helped the children with homework and school projects daily Read ,sang, and dance to the children Met with parents on a weekly basis to discuss the week’s plans, as we as any issues or disciplinary problems August 2009- August 2010 Associate Teacher, Educator, Team Leader, Activity Coordinator Planning and organizing a range of individual and group activities, including pretend play, music and movement through dance, fine motor skills through art and language, large motor skills and , math and science based activities Planning indoor and outdoor activities that provide a positive and safe learning environment Using creative and practical skills with age appropriate learning materials Monitoring and reporting on child’s developmental, social, and emotional skills in a positive matter. Communicating effectively with parents or caregivers about their child’s development Guide children through problem situations that arise during the day. Ensuring that the health and safety of children and staff is maintained at all times, both inside and outside the classroom environment. March 2009- August 2009 preschool Educator To ensure the safety and well being of the children in my care I greeted each parent Interacted with all the children no matter their age Directed children through a variety of experiences to enhance their abilities Provided individualized daily activities as appropriate to the developmental levels of the child. Helped prepare and serve food on occasion
Lara C. - Seeking Work in Phoenix

Hourly rate17.14 / hour
Hours (full-time or not)Full-time hours

The last family I nannied for, I was with, on and off for seven years. Their children have become like my own, and watching them grow has been such a blessing. When I started nannying for this family, my goal was to get them away from the television as much as possible and get them to be interactive. We played sports, did arts and crafts, played games, swam, and went on outings. Evan, the middle child had a lower self-esteem, so I took it upon myself to work with him diligently. He felt he was in competition with his older sister, and acted out, many times hurting her feelings. I got down on his level and very calmly asked him how he would feel if someone acted that way towards him. I understood that his acting out came from a need to have individual attention and praise, so I spent one on one time with him and his relationship with his sister improved tremendously. I am a hands on caregiver and believe it is extremely important to engage children from a very early age. When the fourth child Charlotte came along I spent ample time with her as well. Some activities I did with her were listening to music and doing movement exercises, to build stronger motor development skills. She was a bit colicky, so I held her a lot so she would feel safe and nurtured. Additionally, I helped to get her on a more strict sleeping regimen, because she liked to be up for hours in the middle of the night! I helped prepare meals for all four of the children, helped the older ones with their homework, cleaned up after them, including laundry and dishes. I would then get them bathed and ready for bed, read to them, and clean the house a bit more after they fell asleep. In college I took a movement therapy class, and we studied the motor development stages from infancy through adulthood. When I work with children (especially infants) I mimick movements and facial expressions because it is a very positive reinforcement to the child. It helps the child to develop itself as an individual and learns that its emotions and expressions are valued and recognized. I not only have experience with children from nannying, but have taught creative writing and movement to children ages 5-17 for the Scottsdale Center for the Arts. I taught for them three years consecutively and absolutely loved the interaction with my kids. Some of the children had unstable lives at home, and through creative expression they were able to start trusting their peers, and express themselves without judgement. I strongly believe that expression and working through art helps children gain self-esteem and develop a more confident sense of self. It's not just about changing diapers, feeding, and making sure the children are safe (although these are all important responsibilities); I truly love children and like to be involved in their rearing, doing educational activities with them, and promoting their unique passions and talents.
Jennifer G. - Seeking Work in Phoenix

Hourly rate22.85 / hour
Hours (full-time or not)Full-time hours

I have worked as a nanny for going on eight years. I am from Morgantown WV. I moved to Phoenix AZ in June. I am seaching for a live in position. Below I have listed my references and resume. JENNIFER QUALIFICATIONS: For Childcare Positions ·Assist each individual family in creating a more manageable, safe, and stress free environment ·Support each family’s goals, objectives, needs and beliefs as requested ·Teach art, music, exercise, imaginary play and reading EXPERIENCE: September.15, 2009- March 15, 2011 Live in Nanny caring for four children/ Housekeeper/ Personal Assistant ·Managed many food allergies in the household and assisted in weekly grocery shopping ·Assisted in personal errands, Administrated daily medications ·Transported children to school, choir, dance classes, parks, and play dates ·Played, Cooked, Cleaned (including yard work and weekly organizing) ·Provided activities that included reading, art, music, and outdoor exploring June 5, 2007- June 5, 2009 Full time Nanny caring for three children/ Housekeeper ·Played, cooked and cleaned ·Participated in community activities such as the Fun Factory and neighborhood parks ·Assisted with food planning and managed many food allergies in the household ·Administrated daily medications to their son who is diagnosed with asthma and eczema June 15, 2004- August 15, 2006 Full time live in/out Nanny caring for one child/ Housekeeper ·Played, cooked and cleaned ·Participated in weekly swimming and music classes, play dates, and Fun Factory visits ·Taught self-developed daily pre-planned art activities twice a day ·Assisted in remodeling their homes, removing carpet and painting walls and ceilings September 5, 2003- July 19, 2011 Full time Nanny/ caring for three children/ Housekeeper August 5, 2003- August 15, 2005/ & On call Sitter ·Played, cooked and cleaned (including yearly spring cleaning and summer yard work) ·Taught daily pre-planned art activities twice a day ·Visited the Fun Factory and participated in weekly play dates May 5, 2003- May 15, 2011 On call Sitter for three children/ Housekeeper ·Played, cooked and cleaned ·Provided activities that included reading, art, music, and outdoor exploring ·Visited the Fun Factory, and neighborhood parks EDUCATION: ·CPR certified, Food Handlers certification ·STARS: WV State Training And Registry System- level 2 ·April 28, 2009 Child abuse & Neglect Prevention, May 15, 2009 Art: The Artist in Us All, ·June 2009 50 Nifty Ideas
Lauren H. - Seeking Work in Phoenix

Hourly rate20.00 / hour

Since I was 10 years old, I began helping my Sunday School teacher at my local church watch over infants and toddlers during services. There, I met many families who needed "outside church" assistance, and began baby sitting for several families with 1-3 children, ages infant to 5 years old. There were a total of three families that I stayed with as the children, and myself, got older. The family/babysitter relationships were maintained anywhere from a couple months to 6 years. I have a great comfort level with any age, and was trusted by families with infants as young as 3 months old. Seeing children grow up as I babysat them throughout the years was by far one of the most rewarding things about being a babysitter. There's something about developing that positive, role-model relationship with children that honestly fills my heart with joy. When families kept me around for several years, I was able to become a part of the children's lives -- nothing put a bigger smile on my face than seeing how happy it made the kids when they found out, "Lauren is coming over!"
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What are some common responsibilities for nannies in Phoenix, AZ?

As a parent, it’s natural for you to ask your nanny for a little extra help around the house. However, the boundaries for a nannies duties vary from person to person. In general, a nanny is responsible for making sure your children’s needs are met. This includes things like ensuring they have opportunities to play and be active, that they have a healthy diet and a sanitary home. When tasks go beyond child care, for example scrubbing kitchen counters, folding laundry, gathering groceries, or teaching a language, you will likely need to provide additional compensation.

How can I ensure I have a great relationship with my nanny?

To start, it’s important you set expectations and are aligned on compensation from day one. This includes outlining vacation days, a protocol for sick days, and everything else you would want your own employer to cover. From here, spend time getting to know them. Take your nanny out one of Phoenix’s great restaurants, learn about their childhood, and discuss your parenting philosophy. Finally, be sure to resolve conflicts as they arise. Open communication is crucial to ensuring a healthy long-term relationship.

Questions to ask prospective Phoenix Nannies:
  • Have you been a nanny previously? How long did your employment last?
  • Are you trained in First Aid or CPR?
  • How would you handle a situation where our child began choking?
  • How do you handle tantrums? Can you share an experience disciplining children?
  • What sort of household tasks are you open to doing?
  • Are you open to a live in arrangement?
  • Do you plan to work for our family over multiple years?
  • Do you have a driver's license in Arizona?
  • Do you own a car? Do you have work experience in Phoenix?
  • How flexible are you on weekends and evenings?
  • What salary are you seeking? Are you comfortable being paid by direct deposit?
  • Are you able to help with food preparation?
  • What could you cook for a child aged 2-5? Do you know how to make baby food?
  • Are you comfortable facilitating play dates?
  • Have you ever potty trained a child before?
  • Have you worked with newborns? Do you know how to change a diaper and prepare formula?
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