How to Start a Nanny Share

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How Did You Find A Family To Share With? Did You Have A Nanny?

Joelle and her family started their nanny share, by first looking for a family with a Nanny.

She and her family didn't have either, so they knew they wanted a family to share with who already had a nanny, or a family that they could partner with, to jointly find their nanny.

Joelle started joining an online community where people post their nanny-shares. "We were lucky to find a family a few blocks away that already had done all of the grunt work interviewing nannies and finding the perfect one."

They proceeded to interview the family and nanny separately - to ensure both family and nanny would be the right fit.

In a family, they needed someone with similar parenting styles, beliefs in reward and punishment, for example. In a Nanny, they wanted to find someone loving, experienced and professional that would genuinely care for their baby boy.

Before interviewing the other family or nanny, it is important to know what your family needs.

For Joelle, they were looking for a family with children and a nanny, where she could add her little one into the mix, so that both families would share the time of the Nanny.

"Thankfully this family had all of the toys and accessories necessary already. We met them, liked them, loved the nanny and it was easy from there." For Joelle, it was an easy match. But this isn't always the case.

To get started with your nanny share follow these easy steps:

Decide what you have and what you're looking for

For example, you fit one of the following: a) Has a Nanny to share (looking for a family) b) Has a Family to partner with (looking for a nanny) c) Doesn't have either (is looking for a family, a nanny OR a family who already has a nanny)

Join a platform

The best way to start searching for people in your area to get started with an online community like Nanny Lane where you can register and be matched with families and nannies who meet your need, in your area.

Message, a lot

You should send as many messages to profiles that catch your interest. Don't wait for a single family to message you. It's good to get yourself out there and meet as many families that seem like they might be a good match.

Schedule an interview

It's important to schedule multiple interviews. After all, when it comes to raising your children, you can never be too sure. Some families schedule 3 interviews, one with the family, one with the nanny and then one altogether. There is not a one-size approach to this step. It's a personal preference for each family. Some Nanny Lane families interview once and just know, others need four-five interviews before they're sure.

During the interview process, you should be open and honest about your needs, the hours you require, the parenting style you're looking for if you ever work late etc. It's better to not hold anything back. The more upfront you can be with a prospective family, the more likely you'll have a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

Create a family/nanny contract

A nanny contract high-lighting everything you discussed during the interviews is crucial. This will ensure both families and nanny are in agreement with how the routine will work, what to do in the event of an emergency (someone has to work late and the schedule is thrown off) or whether it's how the two families will discuss salary changes.

Have a 6-Month Touchpoint

It's normal to have an adjustment period when you're first getting started in a nanny share, but by month six you should be in a comfortable routine. Because of this, it makes for a good time to have a touch point between the two families and your nanny to make sure everything in the nanny share contract is being followed or discuss any amendments.

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