Sandra G. - Seeking Work in Lake Arrowhead
Sandra G. - Seeking Work in Lake Arrowhead

Sandra G.

start: TBD
18 yrs experience
meal prep
special needs
driver’s license
infant care
toddler care
preschooler care
grade-schooler care
A little bit about me…First and foremost, I seem to posses the ability to communicate effectively with all ages. I am able to take into account, all situations and circumstances surrounding any child and reach them on a level which they can understand, naturally, dependent upon age. I hold a Ph.D., from UTH, in the study of Social Liberal Science. I believe that with children of all ages, you must always address everything in an intellectual way by which each can understand. I also believe that no two children are alike and will respond differently by the way they are approached. I was raised in a household with strong convictions come from communication and not necessarily punishment. After all, even adults are more receptive to respond to the positive versus the negative. I do not believe it is ever necessary to raise a hand to a child in order to validate and enforce punishment. Violence breeds violence and is an applicable statement in all behaviors proven by who and what we are today.