Brandi B. - Seeking Work in Austin
Brandi B. - Seeking Work in Austin

Brandi B.

start: TBD
7 yrs experience
A little bit about me…Learning does not stop in the classroom - it is all around us, wherever we may go. From the playground to the library, from a family vacation abroad to a week out camping, inspiration is everywhere. I have had the pleasure of traveling to 38 countries since 2008 and I have an unending desire to learn and better myself while nurturing those under my care. Complacency is not an option - there are just too many things to learn and to see! I tailor my activities, outings, and excursions to the child's area of interest and I have extensive experience balancing individual interests for each child among multi-children families. I care deeply about those under my care, both in terms of day-to-day happiness and long-term growth alike.