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The CCjason Family - Hiring in Los Angeles

The CCjason Family

Los Angeles, CA
6 kids

A little bit about us…

Ah, got it! Here's how you might introduce your wonderful children:


Meet our lively bunch! We're a family with four energetic boys and one adorable girl, spanning ages from 2 to 12 years old. Each of our kids brings their own unique personality and charm to our bustling household.

Our oldest, at 12, is a budding artist and a responsible big brother who loves mentoring his younger siblings. Next in line are our 10 and 8-year-old boys—full of energy and always ready for a new adventure, whether it's building forts or exploring the outdoors.

Our 5-year-old is a ball of curiosity and laughter, bringing endless joy with his imaginative play. And of course, our little princess at 2 years old has everyone wrapped around her tiny finger with her sweet smile and mischievous antics.

As any parent knows, managing this lively crew comes with its challenges, but we wouldn't have it any other way! They keep us on our toes and fill our home with laughter, creativity, and a whole lot of love.

While they may be occasionally tricky, they are undeniably adorable, and we wouldn't trade a single moment with them. We're excited to share glimpses of our family's journey and the adventures we embark on together. Here's to the chaos, the giggles, and the endless love that come with raising this fantastic brood!
The Williams Family - Hiring in Rochester Hills

The Williams Family

Rochester Hills, MI
4 kids

A little bit about us…

Musician, I tends to run a lot of errands thru out the day. Sometimes I have to do gigs at night.
The Bryson Family - Hiring in Newnan

The Bryson Family

Newnan, GA
2 kids

A little bit about us…

We have two children and a third on the way. Our oldest son will be 4 in May and starting pre-k in August. Our middle child daughter is 1 , and our youngest son will be here in June/July. Our oldest loves all things space, science, weather and water and our daughter is pretty much obsessed with her brother.

We are looking for someone to care for our children Mon-Fri from about 6a-5p in our home. We have two huskies, but they are pretty chill and stay outside most of the time. Meal prep would consist of making/providing breakfast, lunch and snacks for the kids, housekeeping would consist of cleaning up after them (meals, potty accidents, etc).

Once our oldest starts pre-k, we will need you to make sure he is ready for school (basic hygiene teeth brushed, dressed, hair done, etc.), and on the bus.

We follow a gentle/responsive parenting style, and would love for the children to activities, play outside, etc. with a limited amount of screen time. We also follow our children’s lead on a lot of things, ie naps, eating, etc. It’s also important that you are comfortable with pace feeding and baby led weaning.
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How to Find a Full-Time Nanny Job in the United States

Are you a nanny looking for a full-time nanny job? Nanny Lane is a nanny website to help you find a full-time nanny job in your area. You create your profile and connect with families that meet your needs. Then, as you meet with families you can discuss and finalize details around cost and responsibilities.

What is a Full-Time Nanny

A full-time nanny is defined by the average number of hours required for a nanny position. For a position to be classified as a full-time nanny job, it usually requires about 35-40 working hours per week. The main difference between part-time and full-time nanny positions is the number of hours worked per week.

Types of Full-Time Nanny Jobs and Nanny Responsibilities

Before you start looking for a full-time nanny job, it's essential to make sure you’re looking for the right opportunities by learning about the different types of full-time nanny jobs and how they compare to each other.

The different types of full-time nanny jobs have different nanny responsibilities. The boundaries for full-time nannies responsibilities vary from family to family. Most different types of full-time nanny jobs vary due to the length of the commitment, or your responsibilities.

There are temporary full-time nanny jobs, even seasonal full-time nanny jobs like summer full-time nanny jobs. Beyond seasonal and temporary full-time nanny positions, there are also full-time live-in nanny positions. Given that most full-time positions and responsibilities are adapted to be exactly what each family needs. it's very important to create a shared set of expectations around hours, responsibilities, and what is expected of you when you're not on the clock.

Contracts for a Full-Time Nanny Job

Once you start connecting with prospective employers and participating in full-time nanny job interview. It’s essential to make sure you're aligned with the employer on key responsibilities and expectations for your full-time nanny position. The easiest way to do this is to start discussing key details and ask for a job offer or a nanny contract for your full-time nanny position.

A full-time nanny job offer will communicate responsibilities and compensation. This is a great opportunity to ask about vacation time, over-time, and any expenses like food and gas.

A discussion to finalize details for your full-time nanny job is an excellent opportunity to get aligned on the nanny job expectations. By doing this, you can get off on the right foot with your future employer.

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