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Find a full-time nanny job near you in Concord, CA

Image of a nanny with a baby on her neck

How often do you want to work?

Find a full-time nanny job in Concord, CA

The Bates Family - Hiring in Concord

The Bates Family

Concord, CA
3 kids

A little bit about us…

Need care for 3 kids! Sweet kids with energy to burn! They love being outside, riding bikes, doing arts and crafts, and going to parks. Will need care M-F 8-5pm. May need help with pick-up and drop-off from school program.
The You Family - Hiring in Concord

The You Family

Concord, CA
Responds within a few weeks
2 kids

A little bit about us…

Mondays to Fridays 830 to 530. (full time)
We are looking for an "energetic" and "enthusiastic" nanny/parents helper to share with another family. You will take care of our daughter (who will be 7 months old in March 2024) and another child around the same age. Light cleaning and housework are included (when kids allow). Significant past exp. with toddlers and infants is a MUST. Good command of English is a MUST. Must drive and have own car and be comfortable with dogs and cats (gentle pets).
The Aven Family - Hiring in Concord

The Aven Family

Concord, CA
1 kid

A little bit about us…


Thank you for your interest in watching my son. We’re currently looking for a full-time nanny to watch my four-year-old

Let me start by telling you a little bit about us.
I’m Emily and my sons name is Aiden he’s 4 years old, full of energy and an absolute love. He is extremely smart, he can watch something once and then boom he’s got it. He needs someone who will be like a teacher to him and help learn his reading and writing. He is not potty trained, this is a goal of mine and i will need assistance with potty training.

Im looking for someone who is patient and understanding. Who has genuine compassion for my son, but also understands that some days nothing goes right.

The schedule is Monday - Friday 9:00A.M. - 5:30 /6:00 P.M. depending on traffic. I commute to / from Fairfield every day and it normally takes me about 1 hour to get back everyday.

This job IS NOT SHORT TERM. We are looking for someone who can become part of our family and be with us until Aiden is old enough that he doesn't need a nanny anymore.

Would you be providing care in my home or yours? I'm completely open either way but i have an over friendly 8 year old 50-lb female pit-bull. She very talkative and will constantly want to be right next to you, she loves people. As well as 2 female cats and 2 litters of kittens currently

At the start of the day you will get Aiden from his dad Rob At 10AM. His dad works in Oakland. Lunch will be with you & snacks - Aiden is a snacker he will constantly eat during the day. He also will pick at his plate of food for an hour but eventually he eats it all. NO KNOWN ALLERGIES
Dinner ill take care of

We have a huge park across the street from our house, and I am fine with you driving him around and taking him out to do things.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and im happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you

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The Aven Family - Hiring in Concord

The Aven Family

Concord, CA
1 kid

A little bit about us…

We are looking for a nanny to care for our loving 6-year-old son Aiden. He loves playing video games, doing arts and crafts as well as playing at the park. He is an extremely outgoing child, with a funny sense of humor and we are hoping to find someone who really engages with him. He has had a nanny or been in day care since he was 1 years old. However over the last year with starting kindergarten he has been home with me or his dad. We are looking for a nanny or child care provider to be a long-term stable presence in his life and development.

I will need someone 4 days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 1:00PM to 7:30PM (26 hours a week). Duties will include, picking him up from kindergarten at 1:10PM in Concord, doing his homework, snack and dinner. I am happy to fund any type of activities your willing to do with my son. He loves places like Rockin Jump and Chuckie Cheese. I will also pay for any meals that are purchased / made for him.

We prefer care be provided in your home. You will need to have a vehicle and valid driver’s license.

Were very easy going and a keep it real type of family. If you are interested in watching my son please text at [phone number hidden]. Or send me a direct message.

I look forward to hearing from you.
The Carroll Family - Hiring in Concord

The Carroll Family

Concord, CA
Active Now
1 kid

A little bit about us…

Looking for a reliable and loving nanny to care for our 6 month old boy. Ideally, the right person will be part of our family for at least a year (hopefully more), and will help our baby reach his milestones while having fun every day. We would greatly value someone with 5+ years of experience, and CPR certified. Nanny shares also considered.

- 32 hours per week, Mon - Thur
- Must have own car, clean licence
- Non-smoker

We’re looking for someone who will:
- Provide a safe, caring, nurturing, and stimulating environment for the baby.
- Follow the baby’s nap schedule, and help evolve his sleep schedule as he grows.
- Feed the baby and help with the safe introduction of solids.
- Create fun activities and outings for the baby, to help him learn through play and experiencing the world around him.
- Keep the baby’s area neat and tidy and tend to their laundry, and bottle washing.
- Share updates with parents throughout the day.
The Valderrama Family - Hiring in Concord

The Valderrama Family

Concord, CA
Responds within a week
1 kid

A little bit about us…

Join Our Family as a Mommy helper

Hello there!

We are a warm and loving family located in Concord, CA, seeking an energetic and caring mommy helper to join us in the exciting journey of nurturing our delightful daughter, Adriana Ivy (13 months). She's a sweet, happy little girl who adores music, books, dancing, and playing games. Please note we are looking for someone to come to our house.


- Engage Adriana in creative activities, games, and playtime.
- Assist with her love for books, even if it means managing independent page flipping.
- Prepare nutritious meals, both homemade and incorporating some packed pure options.
- Help maintain a clean and organized environment, particularly during Adriana's nap time.
- Support with laundry, and helping keep the house clean and organized.

- High energy and a passion for childcare.
- Experience with toddlers and a knack for turning daily tasks into fun adventures.
- Comfortable with dogs, since we have an adorable dog named Carly, she's the sweetest
- Flexibility to adapt to Adriana's schedule and needs.
- Basic knowledge of both English and Spanish is a bonus, as we embrace a bilingual environment.

If you're a caring individual who loves to engage with children, create a positive and stimulating environment, and be a valuable part of our family, we would love to hear from you!

Please reach out with your a brief introduction, and your availability. We can't wait to welcome the newest member of our team!

Rose Valderrama
[phone number hidden]

Schedule (flexible to change based on her needs):
7-8am: Breakfast & milk after
8-10am: Playtime: read a book, walk around with walker, play with toys & get her to engage & do activities
10am/11am- 12noon: Nap time- clean baby things and kitchen area for playtime again
12noon: Lunch & milk
1-2pm: playtime and outdoor walk pending weather
2pm: milk bottle
2:30-4pm: Playtime, read, playpen
4pm: milk bottle
5pm: snack
5-6pm: dinner & bed time prep

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Finding a nanny job

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How to Find a Full-Time Nanny Job in Concord, CA

Are you a nanny looking for a full-time nanny job? Nanny Lane is a nanny website to help you find a full-time nanny job in your area. You create your profile and connect with families that meet your needs. Then, as you meet with families you can discuss and finalize details around cost and responsibilities.

What is a Full-Time Nanny in Concord, CA

A full-time nanny is defined by the average number of hours required for a nanny position. For a position to be classified as a full-time nanny job, it usually requires about 35-40 working hours per week. The main difference between part-time and full-time nanny positions is the number of hours worked per week.

Types of Full-Time Nanny Jobs and Nanny Responsibilities in Concord, CA

Before you start looking for a full-time nanny job, it's essential to make sure you’re looking for the right opportunities by learning about the different types of full-time nanny jobs and how they compare to each other.

The different types of full-time nanny jobs have different nanny responsibilities. The boundaries for full-time nannies responsibilities vary from family to family. Most different types of full-time nanny jobs vary due to the length of the commitment, or your responsibilities.

There are temporary full-time nanny jobs, even seasonal full-time nanny jobs like summer full-time nanny jobs. Beyond seasonal and temporary full-time nanny positions, there are also full-time live-in nanny positions. Given that most full-time positions and responsibilities are adapted to be exactly what each family needs. it's very important to create a shared set of expectations around hours, responsibilities, and what is expected of you when you're not on the clock.

Contracts for a Full-Time Nanny Job in Concord, CA

Once you start connecting with prospective employers and participating in full-time nanny job interview. It’s essential to make sure you're aligned with the employer on key responsibilities and expectations for your full-time nanny position. The easiest way to do this is to start discussing key details and ask for a job offer or a nanny contract for your full-time nanny position.

A full-time nanny job offer will communicate responsibilities and compensation. This is a great opportunity to ask about vacation time, over-time, and any expenses like food and gas.

A discussion to finalize details for your full-time nanny job is an excellent opportunity to get aligned on the nanny job expectations. By doing this, you can get off on the right foot with your future employer.

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