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The Howard Family - Hiring in Washington
The Howard Family
Northwest Washington, Washington$20/hr  |  1 kid
I am looking for a full time nanny (or nanny share) to care for my 4 month old baby girl in our home in the Petworth neighborhood of Washington, DC. Hours would be typically 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday, but we would like to discuss some longer days (8:30-6:00pm) for the few days a week we have to go into the office which would be offset on the days we work from home for roughly 40 hours a week. We will pay time and a half for overtime which we will aim to avoid. We will also offer two weeks of paid vacation (one of your choosing with notice, one of our choosing with notice), in addition to holidays off.

Our baby girl has to take daily medicine via syringe, so any nursing experience is a plus. I will be available for the first week or two to teach her new nanny how to administer the medication orally but it isn’t too complicated. Other than the medicine she’s a happy healthy baby!

In terms of other assistance, it would be great if the nanny could help stay on top of cleaning her bottles, syringes, and dishes in general as well as handling the baby’s laundry. We also have a cocker spaniel dog who will be at home and I’d ask that the nanny take him for a walk once a day. My husband and I both work full time, but work from home sometimes but we have separate offices and will be out of the way.

We also have a rental unit on our lower level and would consider packaging lodging with nanny services.
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How to Find a Full-Time Nanny Job in Washington, DC

Are you a nanny looking for a full-time nanny job? Nanny Lane is a nanny website to help you find a full-time nanny job in your area. You create your profile and connect with families that meet your needs. Then, as you meet with families you can discuss and finalize details around cost and responsibilities.

What is a Full-Time Nanny in Washington, DC

A full-time nanny is defined by the average number of hours required for a nanny position. For a position to be classified as a full-time nanny job, it usually requires about 35-40 working hours per week. The main difference between part-time and full-time nanny positions is the number of hours worked per week.

Types of Full-Time Nanny Jobs and Nanny Responsibilities in Washington, DC

Before you start looking for a full-time nanny job, it's essential to make sure you’re looking for the right opportunities by learning about the different types of full-time nanny jobs and how they compare to each other.

The different types of full-time nanny jobs have different nanny responsibilities. The boundaries for full-time nannies responsibilities vary from family to family. Most different types of full-time nanny jobs vary due to the length of the commitment, or your responsibilities.

There are temporary full-time nanny jobs, even seasonal full-time nanny jobs like summer full-time nanny jobs. Beyond seasonal and temporary full-time nanny positions, there are also full-time live-in nanny positions. Given that most full-time positions and responsibilities are adapted to be exactly what each family needs. it's very important to create a shared set of expectations around hours, responsibilities, and what is expected of you when you're not on the clock.

Contracts for a Full-Time Nanny Job in Washington, DC

Once you start connecting with prospective employers and participating in full-time nanny job interview. It’s essential to make sure you're aligned with the employer on key responsibilities and expectations for your full-time nanny position. The easiest way to do this is to start discussing key details and ask for a job offer or a nanny contract for your full-time nanny position.

A full-time nanny job offer will communicate responsibilities and compensation. This is a great opportunity to ask about vacation time, over-time, and any expenses like food and gas.

A discussion to finalize details for your full-time nanny job is an excellent opportunity to get aligned on the nanny job expectations. By doing this, you can get off on the right foot with your future employer.

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