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Many live-out nannies like the benefit of having their own home outside of their employers. Many live-out nannies like this arrangement because they also have families of their own to care for.

Being a Live-Out Nanny Who Brings Her Own Child to Work

If you have children, you may have thought about bringing your child to work with you. But look at it this way: if you had a corporate job, would you be allowed to bring your child to work when they have no school? It's unlikely. The same goes for nannying. It is probably not in your best interest to bring your own child to your live-out nanny job. It isn't the most professional thing to do and many parents may frown upon it.

However, there are some parents who aren't bothered by this practice, so you should ask before signing your contract.

Benefits of Being a Live-Out Nanny

One of the major benefits of being a live-out nanny is that you will have privacy than you would as a live-in nanny. You won't have to worry about sharing a home with your employer and you don't have to worry about the children coming to you when you are seeking privacy.

As a live-out nanny, you will have the comfort of your own home to go to each night. Many times, a live-out nanny is originally from the town in which she is a nanny. If not, she is most likely familiar with the area and has friends and family around her. A live-in nanny may have traveled a long distance to become a nanny and may not know many people where she lives. This can lead to some fear and even some emotional issues, such as missing family and feeling lonely. As a live-out nanny, these problems are less likely.

You are also able to charge more as a live-out nanny because your living expenses are not paid for (like they are for most live-in nannies).

Live-Out Nanny Commitment

If you are a live-out nanny working with an agency, be prepared to sign a one-year contract. If you realize you are unhappy in the home you are working in, it's possible to talk with the agency about being moved to another job. A nanny placement agency works with you to ensure your happiness. If you are completely miserable with your nanny assignment or with being a nanny altogether, you can work with the agency to try to resolve this problem. If you are not going through an agency, most families will ask you to sign an agreement to commit to being a nanny for them for one year.

Live-Out Nanny Disadvantages

There are some disadvantages to being a live-out nanny. In a live-out nanny job, you run the risk of the parents not being home on time to take over childcare. If you have post-work plans, they could be affected by this situation.

Since a live-out nanny job allows you to leave and live away from the family, you may not feel the same bond you would feel with the children if you were living in their home.

Since you must travel (usually using your own car) to and from the home you work at, you must be prepared to arrive everyday on time and ready to care for the children. This means that during severe weather -- including thunderstorms, ice storms or snowstorms -- you may have to drive to the home and care for the children. If driving in inclement weather makes you nervous, this is something to think about when deciding on a live-out nanny job.

Qualifications for a Live-Out Nanny

If you are interested in becoming a live-out nanny, you will need to have these qualifications:

  • A high school diploma or GED
  • A family will likely want their nanny to be a legal citizen of the United States. If you are not, you must have a work visa that allows you to legally work in the United States.
  • A live-out nanny will need to have a valid driver's license and reliable transportation in most cases.
  • At least three letter's of reference.
  • Experience in the childcare field.

What is a Live-Out Nanny?

Some people assume that all nannies live with the family they care for, but that's not always true. There are many types of nannies, including live-out nannies. You may be a live-out nanny part-time, full-time, short-term, temporary or summer, depending on what type of position you are looking for. Live-out nannies have the same experiences and training as live-in nannies and are responsible for the same things as a live-in nanny would be.

Live-out nanny jobs are quite popular because they have some bonuses that you might not receive as a live-in nanny. A big bonus of being a live-out nanny is that you may feel much more "free" when you are not at work. You are literally able to leave your work behind when you walk out the door and go home. Because a live-out nanny is able to leave her work at work, she may have fewer days where she is stressed or feels the need for a break from her nanny job.

A live-out nanny job can also be good because you may not feel like all eyes are on you when you aren't working. When you aren't working at your live-out nanny position, you are able to come and go as you please. A live-in nanny, who should feel free to come and go when not on duty, may not ever feel completely comfortable coming and going while not working. She may feel like she needs to be home early or not invite friends over while not working because she is living so closely with a family that isn't hers.

Who is Responsible for a Live-Out Nanny's Transportation?

The majority of live-out nanny jobs have the nanny use her own transportation, at least to get to the family home. However, many families prefer that the live-out nanny use a family vehicle when transporting their children. Many families feel more secure when a live-out nanny is driving a dependable vehicle that they know the history of. If you are driving a family vehicle, it is important that you are paid back for any gas you purchase when transporting the children from place to place.

If you are a live-out nanny and are asked to drive the children in your own vehicle, you should be reimbursed for mileage whenever you are transporting the children. If you aren't paid for the mileage, don't hesitate to ask for a small raise to cover transportation costs.

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